Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali


Indonesia is known for its natural wonders and how it is super backpacker-friendly. How can it not? With its several pristine beaches and lush trees, it is a popular destination for those looking for an affordable yet unforgettable trip. You might know more about backpacking around Java, but here are some other recommendations that you should visit beyond the most populous island. Here are five cities you should visit for a backpacking trip beyond Bali!

1. Batam, Riau Islands

Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali

Close to a lot of neighboring countries, backpackers find themselves charmed by Batam Island itself. This beautiful island is filled with breathtaking beaches with amazing views and always a great sunset. It is perfect for those who want to chill in less crowded beach areas and want to enjoy the island life. Also, the good news is that beaches in Batam rarely have an expensive entrance fee.

Places to stay are also pretty affordable, especially if you choose to find one way beforehand and also through online travel apps. Since it is literally an island, fresh seafood is also easy to find and at a cheaper price than other big cities in Indonesia. So don’t forget to try the grilled fish or the crab in black pepper sauce, fresh from the sea and on your plate!

A unique experience you need to try here: island hopping to explore more pristine beaches!

2. Padang, West Sumatra

Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali

The original place where Rendang was made, Padang is also a great place for you to backpack. Not only will you be amazed by its delicious traditional dishes, but Padang also has the most famous beach in West Sumatra which is the Air Manis beach. With beautiful and calm waves, this beach is perfect for those of you who want to chill on the seaside while sipping on coconuts or sunbathing under the Sumatran sun. This place is truly magical and the sunsets are just stunning. 

There are also plenty of other tourist destinations that you can visit when you are in Padang, like the famous Lake Maninjau, Annai valley waterfall, and there is a couples island that you can reach by a boat ride such as Pagang island and Pasumpahan island. You also would not want to miss the historical Pagaruyung palace when you’re visiting Padang.

A unique experience you need to try here: visit the Geoparks!

3. Bali

Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali

Another dream destination for backpackers is wonderful Bali. Getting around here is easy by taxi or by renting motorcycles. The food in Bali is pretty pricey if you’re not careful - try to find street food and food stalls instead of restaurants. If you do end up in a restaurant, don’t forget to check the prices beforehand.

Kuta and Seminyak are great if you want to tag along to the busiest parts of the island and join in the fun. If you choose to hang around Canggu, do visit Tanah Lot, just north of Canggu. There you will find a temple right in the middle of rocky grounds and in the water. A unique and exotic destination for you to experience here in Bali. Also, don’t forget to visit Ubud, one can chill while enjoying the beautiful view of lush forests along with the scenic ocean view. 

A unique experience you need to try here: hike mount Batur!

4. Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara

One of the backpackers dreams in Indonesia is to visit Lombok Island. This stunning island has been in many tourists’ bucket lists. Since it is filled with mother nature’s best work, the tourist destinations in Lombok are mostly affordable and definitely worth it.

The food in Lombok is also yummy and cheap, especially its seafood. The places you should check out on the island are climbing the beautiful Rinjani Mountain standing at 1.670 meters above sea level. Careful though, it’ll take you around 3 hours to reach its peak due to its steep climb, but the stunning view is well worth it.

Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali

You should also visit the Semeti Beach where the corner forms a bay surrounded by rocky hills. This rocky spot is also often used as a rock climbing and water playing area for tourists. The Penyisok Beach and the Grand Canyon also deserves a place in your itinerary for its uncontended beauty.

A unique experience you need to try here: explore the Gilis!

5. Komodo Islands, East Nusa Tenggara

This beautiful island is home to the powerful Komodo Dragons and also home to one of the best scenic views in East Nusa Tenggara. Here at this wonderful island, you can get to experience a unique trip like seeing the Komodo Dragons, swimming with manta rays or even just looking up at a sky full of stars on a ship.  

There is a lot of other natural tourism on the island such as sunbathing at Pink Beach and enjoying the seaside sunset. You should definitely not miss the exquisite and fresh local cuisine.

A unique experience you need to try here: sunrise at Padar!

Backpacking Trip Ideas You Have to Explore Beyond Bali

By learning more about the many interesting places one can visit that aren’t mainstream, you may want to jump on to the next plane to Indonesia. Well, you’ve got the information, and you’ve got the will, so why don't you make that dream turn into reality - stuff your backpack and book a flight to Indonesia now!