6 Extended Holiday Ideas You Can Explore From Bali

Everybody knows that The Island of Gods provides one of the best leisure spots in the world. Its exhaustive list of wonders and activities is what makes the island hold a special place in many travelers' hearts. Now, for those of you who may be looking for more holiday ideas in Bali as you run out of places to visit, it doesn’t mean that your journey has to come to an end just yet! Beyond the island, particularly to the east, there are many more wonders that are still waiting to be discovered. Pack your bags and get ready to visit the neighboring islands, Nusa Tenggara islands. Below, we have brought you 6 amazing spots in the Nusa Tenggara islands you have to visit. Let’s check them all out!


1. West Nusa Tenggara

a. Mandalika 


Start your journey by enjoying a  truly sensational holiday in Mandalika! Located on the southern edge of Lombok, this tropical paradise boasts a myriad of exciting wonders. Directly facing the vast blue Indian Ocean, Mandalika is fronted by numerous beaches that will soothe your eyes. Several green hills stand at the heels of the beach, offering a wonderful spot to witness the sunset. High-end resorts can also be found, providing an extraordinary staying experience. And of course, there’s the Mandalika International Street Circuit, a monumental circuit that hosted thrilling MotoGP 2022 not too long ago!


b. The Gilis 


Did you know that you can find three small yet spectacular islands just around the corner of Lombok? Lying across the northwestern coast of Lombok, The Gilis is composed of three islands known as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. The word Gili itself means “little island” in the local Sasak language. Despite their size, The Gilis are known for their pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. Several exciting activities you can do around here, like snorkeling, diving, biking, sunset spotting, island hopping, as well as tasting the island’s culinary delights.


c. Kenawa Islands 


Looking for a special place to spend a good time with your loved one privately? Check out a serene little island located just between Lombok and Sumbawa! Known as Kenawa Island, this tiny paradise provides a peaceful getaway, perfect for those who prefer to have fun in a less crowded place. The island itself is surrounded by stretching white sands, regularly caressed by the turquoise waters. In the center, a green grassy field provides a perfect spot for a picnic. In the corner, there’s also a small hill which offers an amazing view of the sea.


2. East Nusa Tenggara

a. The Pink Beach 


Have you ever set your foot on a beach with a pink shade before? Make your vacation even more special by chilling at the enchanting Pink Beach, which can be found lying in the famous Komodo National Park. As you step your foot into this beach, you will be immediately greeted by an eccentric sight of pink-colored sands. This fascinating beach provides an awesome backdrop for all kinds of photoshoots.


b.Padar Island 


If you favor lingering around hills rather than chilling on a beach, then you should have a tour around Padar Island! Also situated in the Komodo National Park, this island presents a unique exoticism. It’s filled with vast green hills where you can enjoy a spectacular display of the national park’s magnificent landscape. Catch a breathtaking view of the sunrise or the sunset from the peak, or soothe your eyes at the gorgeous turquoise sea crashing its waves into the edges of the island. The choice is yours!


c. Kanawa Island 


About 15 kilometers from the ever-idyllic Labuan Bajo, there lies a small lovely island filled with lush mounds of hills and surrounded by white sanded beach. Known as Kanawa Island, this spot is one of Flores’ best hidden gems. The hills provide a great spot for sightseeing the mesmerizing sea. And as the sea is also inhabited by colorful coral reefs swarmed by cute little fishes, snorkeling around the island is another activity that you should also do here. Going on a vacation in Kanawa Island will be a moment you can hardly forget!


Are you ready to start a journey beyond Bali soon? Do also check out the best summer adventure ideas in East Nusa Tenggara as well as other epic gems you should check out around Komodo National Park. As you explore beyond Bali, remember to keep following the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Wear your mask, keep your distance from others, and wash your hands regularly. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, TikTok @wonderfulid, and subscribe to our Youtube channel at Wonderful Indonesia to discover many more fantastic travel inspirations.