5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia


Indonesia is not only a great place for luxurious trips but it is also a great choice for those of you who want a backpacking adventure. Indonesia is rich in nature and a wonderful place to take a breath of fresh air and immerse in natural beauty. Finding a place to stay or finding meals that are budget-friendly are also easy to manage. Check out this list of the best places to go, things to do and other recommendations!

Best Place to Go:

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

1. Malang, East Java

Malang is a great choice for those of you wanting a backpacking adventure, especially since it is reachable by plane or even by train from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. There are plenty of places you can go to Malang especially if you’re looking for back to nature with cool weather conditions, walking around while looking for steaming hot--and budget-friendly street food would be a great way to spend your evenings.

A lot of people visit Malang to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. It is most famous for its sunrise so you should definitely put it somewhere in your itinerary! The view of Mount Bromo surrounded by mist as the first rays of sun climbs over the horizon is just breathtaking. You can also plan a scenic walk to Coban Sewu Waterfall, located in a small village in the highlands of Java, a two-hour drive to the East of Malang. To get to this waterfall you need to climb down bamboo ladders into a deep ravine. It is a tricky climb, but the view from the bottom of the waterfall is definitely worth the journey.

2. Bandung, West Java

This wonderful city is one of the most visited cities by backpackers because of many reasons. Not only do you get to choose from many choices to stay from hotel pods, but cheap hotels and bed and breakfasts - traveling to Bandung also doesn’t really demand much from your budget! Getting around in Bandung is also pretty easy with easy access to taxis or online transportation. You can also rent a car if you’re up for a little more pricey ride.

Since Bandung has pretty cool weather conditions, walking around Bandung can be relaxing and enjoyable. The best place to walk around and at the same time visit the most popular tourist destination is around Asia-Africa road. Here you can visit the Alun-Alun where locals spend their time with their families playing ball or just chilling. There is also the Asian-African museum that you can visit, a historical building from the Asian-Africa conference in 1955. If you plan to stay a bit longer, you can also plan to visit Lembang, the home to various unique tourist attractions and only a few minutes drive from town.

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

3. Yogyakarta, Central Java

Another destination for backpacking at a low-budget is Yogyakarta, a tourist-friendly city. Besides offering famous natural beauty like Parangtritis Beach and Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta is also rich in culture. You can visit Borobudur Temple which is a heritage site of Buddhist culture located in Magelang, only 1 hour 10 minutes from Yogya by car and was also once crowned the seven wonders of the world. Also, you should check out the Prambanan Temple which is a relic of Hinduism during the era of the kingdom in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Yogyakarta also offers several other tourist destinations that are pretty interesting, such as the Kalibiru National Park and Jomblang Cave, which you should not miss. If you want to take a walk around the city, don't forget to visit Malioboro.  Malioboro street is one of the best ways to taste cheap local food. There are many Angkringan sellers around the road.

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

4. Semarang, Central Java

Just four hours away from Yogyakarta, one can visit Semarang by bus or train. Semarang offers famous historical tourist destinations with one of the most famous one being Lawang Sewu. Aside from the aesthetically intriguing colonial design, Lawang Sewu’s tragic history has made it a point of attraction. In 1942 it was used as a prison by Japanese Invaders where several prisoners were executed.

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

Beside Lawang Sewu, you can also visit Sam Poo Kong, the oldest Chinese temple in Simongan, Semarang. This majestic temple was established by Chinese Muslim explorer, Admiral  Zheng He (also known as Cheng Ho) in the 15th century and is used today as a place of worship and pilgrimage by Indonesians of all religious denominations. The buildings and pagodas in this complex are a delight to explore and observe. Decorated in oriental shades of vibrant reds, yellows, and greens, Javanese and Chinese influences can also be seen in its architecture.

5. Jakarta

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a lot of activities to offer you for a great time. If you are strolling around the city, you can explore Indonesia through Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or relax at Ancol beach. Then opt to visit the Ragunan zoo or check out the Monas tower. Jakarta also has some amazing historical attractions like the Kota Tua, Sunda Kelapa port, Museum Wayang and the National Museum.

Additionally, Jakarta has several fun city parks where you may find people hang out and eat street food while watching others play instruments or children playing together. The most-visited ones are namely Suropati Park and Menteng park.

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

Backpacker travel tips:

There are many tourist destinations in Indonesia and each city will give you a different experience. Here are some backpacker tips for your trip to this beautiful archipelago:

5 Backpacking Trip Ideas that You must Experience in Indonesia

  1. Make a travel itinerary so that your trip has some rough guideline of the things you want to do at a certain pace or time.

  2. Estimate the budget from the start so you won’t be overwhelmed with over budgeting.

  3. Travel light! Make sure you only bring essential items and try to fit it all in one backpack. 

  4. Research about public transportation and ways of getting around on foot. Not only is it much cheaper than grabbing a taxi, but it also may lead you to new experiences. During your walks, you can stop by and enjoy the hidden corners and take this chance to mingle with the locals. 

  5. Choosing a tourist-friendly destination to start your backpacking adventure is also a wise plan to begin

With its beautiful destinations and great experiences, it is no wonder Indonesia is one of the backpackers favorite places to visit. Now that you’re all set with the destination ideas, itinerary ideas and even travel tips, what are you waiting for? Indonesia has a lot to offer for backpackers and just a flight away from a great trip ahead!