15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland


While you are in Jakarta and need something fun to refresh your mind, Ancol Dreamland is the right place to go. In this area, you will find a lot of fun things to do and many exciting places to go. So now, we are going to give you hints about 15 things that you can do inside Ancol Dreamland.

1 | Have a Blast at Dufan

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Fantasy World, well known as Dufan, Jakarta’s own theme park complete with over 40 rides and attractions. It is considered as Jakarta’s largest and most interesting recreation park, and located reclaimed land at the Bay of Jakarta. Among its most popular attractions are Halilintar (roller coaster), Niagara flume ride, Istana Boneka, and Balada Kera Theater Show. In the district of Ancol where Dufan is located, it is a common getaway for tourist and locals alike, away from the hustle and bustle of the City.


2 | See a Glimpse of the Underwater at SeaWorld

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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SeaWorld Ancol was the largest oceanarium in South East Asia at the time it was opened in 1996, as SeaWorld Jakarta. Lippo Group owned the SeaWorld until 2014, but now after several contract problems, Jaya Ancol owns it. It features the acclaimed Antasena tunnel as well as the sea friends pool, main pool, alligator pool and shark pool. Despite its name, it is completely unaffiliated with the US-based SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and their parks in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego.


3 | Have a splish-splash at Atlantis Water Adventure

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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This one was built on the former site of Gelanggang Renang (Swimming Courtyard). Occupying over 5-hectares of land, this water park is themed on the mythological underwater world of Atlantis. The facilities include a wave pool, continuous flowing river pool, rainbow ball pool, waterfall pool, water slides, two children’s pools, five restaurants and a food court that serves you India, Brazil, Spain and Bangladesh cuisine.


4 | Learn to Love Nature at Ecopark

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Spread about 34-hectares above the ground, this Ecopark was once Ancol Padang Golf. They renovated that wide land into a recreational park that serves you edutainment and green-lifestyle adventures. It is an open space area for the visitors to express their knowledge and experience botanical and outdoors recreation. This area consists of 4 themes, which is Eco Energy, Eco Care, Eco Nature and Eco Art.


5 | Find the Surprise at Ocean Dream

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Ocean Dream features several animal shows, a small aquarium, and a 4D theater. The trained animals that are shown include dolphin show and sea lion show. There are also a 4D theater located inside a large building with Mesoamerican pyramid theme. The theater projects 3D-picture shows with added sensations such as cool breezes and water sprays. One of the most popular shows in this place is the “Under the Sea Musical Dance” attraction at Underwater Theater.


6 | Collect Masterpieces at Pasar Seni

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Pasar Seni is an Art Market that started over 25 years ago. It has become the center of handcrafts and art products. This art market has an open state, plaza, and souvenir shops. Pasar Seni has also become a center where artists would create and sell their products. Every Friday night at 8.30 p.m, Pasar Seni Ancol organized one of their prestigious music event named “New Friday Jazz Night”.


7 | Take a Ride Up High at The Gondola

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Gondola is the first recreational cable car facility in Indonesia that used high-computerized technology with sophisticated system and safety. It is located in the recreation area of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Riding the Gondola will give you a very exciting and unforgettable experience. From up above, we can see the beauty of Jakarta City Bay and others recreational facilities in Ancol.


8 | Chill Out at Ancol Beach City

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland


Ancol Beach City is a new Lifestyle & Entertainment Center in Ancol, Jakarta. Built by PT. Wahana Agung Indonesia, a Subsidiary of PT. Global Land Development Tbk (now MNC Land). There will be a Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, Mata Elang International Stadium Concert Hall with a maximum capacity of 22,000 people, 77 culinary center, 42 shops, and any other facilities to come.


9 | Visit the Cute Animals at Faunaland

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Faunaland is a zoo that is located in Ancol, North Jakarta, and it stands above the 5-hectares land and water. It has a Papuan concepts, which is a beautiful mixture of Asia and Australian culture that boasts the scenery of flora, fauna and other arts from its origin. This concept will show you unique and rare animals from Indonesia, especially the Eastern part of Indonesia, and also animals from other country.


10 | Splurge Your Time at Taman Pantai

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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With 500 meters length, this beach has the characteristic of oceanic view and is the facility for you who likes to go fishing. Protected by the levee, this beach also has a jogging track for those who want to do some sports activity. This 150 meters width beach also offers you culinary facilities that serve you varieties of seafood. The wonderful scenery of the beach and cozy ambient will also pamper you.


11 | Choose a Room With Great View at Mercure Hotel

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Mercure Hotel and Convention Center will greet you with the comfort of a luxury vacation resort with the exotic view of the Bay of Jakarta. As the only four-star hotel in the beach of Jakarta, this hotel offers you 434 rooms that is designated and equipped with international facilities, and also function room for business purposes, wedding, etc. Mercure Hotel also consists a hotel tower and large MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibition) facility. Back in 1970’s, there was the Copacabana Casino, one of the three legal casino in Jakarta that were licensed in 1967 by the Governor Ali Sadikin.


12 | Have a Romantic Getaway at Putri Duyung Ancol

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Putri Duyung Ancol is a home for many beach cottages with over 137 waterfront rooms. It has around 7-hectares tropical garden, and many other facility that accommodates many other interesting recreational spots. All of those are parts of the hotel that is uniquely designed and equipped with parking spots in each cottage. It also has a Meeting Room for your business activity, which is facing the ocean too.

13 | Catch the Fun Time at Discovery Hotel & Convention Ancol

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Uniquely located in the heart of Jakarta Bay’s Dreamland, Discovery Hotel & Convention provides a convenient base for family, friends and colleagues with the modern interpretation of the Stylish contemporary design and elegant furnishing in neutral tones. Engage yourself with impeccable surroundings, undeniably welcoming; be captivated by all attractions, which Ancol Dreamland Park has to offer. This hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the Jakarta Experience away from the hustle.

14 | Embark on a Day Adventure to Seribu Islands

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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Seribu Islands, or Thousand Islands, are a group of islands that is situated off the coast of Jakarta in Western Java, Indonesia. Administratively, it is a part of the Jakarta Special Capital Region. The chain of islands is located about 50 kilometers north, Northwest of Jakarta. The most popular way to reach the islands is through Marina Ancol in the North of Jakarta. The boats leave at various times in the morning and you are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure.


15 | Get the Best Culinary Adventures!

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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All of these restaurants are located on the seaside that gives you scenic ocean view and the fresh air of the Ancol Beach. The Pier restaurant has the wharf concept. And if you visit the place, don’t forget to try their tasteful Fillet Mignon. Le Bridge restaurant is famous with their romantic ambient and the delicious foods they serve. They offer you good quality of Italian and Western cuisines. Rumah Kayu will give you experience of dining inside the Boeing 737-400 plane. And you can even take pictures of your moment there in the cockpit! And Seaside Suki is the most recommended culinary spot in here. This one is a buffet restaurant that offers you Thailand cuisine.

15 Things You can Do Inside Ancol Dreamland

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And those are 15 things that you can do and enjoy inside Ancol Dreamland. It is the perfect place to spend some fun times with your family, friends or your loved ones. Be sure to bring them around when you visit these places in Ancol!



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