Trip of Wonders Quiz


The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia is holding the “Trip of Wonders” Quiz Competition, which is running from 17th October to the 17th of November 2019. In this competition, the participants will have to answer 10 questions correctly as quickly as they can. The higher the number of points are by the end of the quiz, the higher the chances are to win.

Each question will have a hint that will lead you to the related article that can help you to answer it. Moreover, at the end of the competition, each participant can spin the “Wheel of Fortune” to gain some additional points.

The Wonderful Indonesia team will select fifteen (15) participants with the highest score to claim the prizes. The top five (5) winners of this competition will be granted a 4D3N trip to Bali, while the last ten (10) winners will be given selected merchandise from Wonderful Indonesia.

All of those who are not a citizen of Indonesia are eligible to participate in this contest. Click this button to play the game, and good luck!


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