Try This 4D3N Perfect Getaway Plan Around Komodo National Park and Don't Miss the Wonders!


Have a passion for beaches, wildlife, and sunsets? Head off to the picturesque Labuan Bajo, the perfect destination for a short escape. This tiny fishing town can be accessed easily via daily flights from Bali and Jakarta. Here are some trip ideas that need to be on your 4D3N itinerary to Labuan Bajo.

Day 1

Start Your Day Fresh

Take a morning flight to Labuan Bajo and start your day by visiting the scenic Puncak Waringin. Breathe in the view of the harbor as the colorful boats cruise down the calm sea.

Dine with A Sunset View

Boasting a spectacular sunset view and offering a variety of Indonesian and Western food, the newly-relaunched Atlantis Beach Club features a sunken refurbished phinisi boat, a traditional joglo, elegant dining venues with dazzling waterfront views, and two swimming pools in which the visitors can swim for free with a minimum purchase of IDR 150K.

Day 2

Trek The Picturesque Padar

Choose a cruise from the Labuan Bajo jetty to reach Padar. The rent for a 15-person cruise is approximately IDR 10 million. Trek up to the top of the hills of Padar Island to be rewarded with the breathtaking sunrise and incredible views of the tri-colored beaches that are bound to inspire Instagrammable moments.

Meet The Dragons of Komodo Island

The Komodo Island, inhabited by the Komodo dragons, is a must-visit spot on your Labuan Bajo tour. The village behind the island’s hills is occupied by 2,000 people who have been living harmoniously with the dragons for years. According to the local folklore, once a prince named Gerong encountered a giant lizard while hunting. Just as he was about to kill it, a vision of his mother, the dragon princess Putri Naga, appeared and stopped him saying that the lizard was his twin sister Orah and he should consider her equal. From then onwards, Komodo dragons have been treated well and live side by side with the people of this island.

Note: Komodo dragons tends to hide away during the mating season, so the best time to see the dragons is late March to May when it’s not the mating season and the tides are low. Exploring the island on your own is very risky, so make sure to take a ranger with you.

Take A Lunch Break

Watch deer, Komodo dragons, and native birds while you have lunch at The Oase@Komodo, an eco-friendly café serving local traditional food that looks as good as it tastes.

Stroll The Pink Beach

Admire the crystal clear water or soak up the sun on Komodo Island’s picture-postcard Pink Beach. Or perhaps snorkel and explore the vibrant reef and abundant marine life.

Unwind & Enjoy Dinner

Head back to Labuan Bajo and enjoy the sea view while you try some fresh mouth-watering seafood for dinner at Artomoro Restaurant and Grill.

Day 3

Explore The Awesome Batu Cermin

Discover the spectacular phenomena of sunlight reflecting on the mirror-like rock walls of Batu Cermin. The coral reefs and fossils provide evidence to the belief that the cave was once underwater.

Plunge into The Pool of Rangko Cave

Illuminated with sunlight from the cave’s mouth and surrounded by stalagmites, the salt-water pool of Rangko Cave is a unique place for swimming and snorkeling. A round-trip boat ride to this hidden gem costs around IDR 650,000.

Savor The Soothing Sunset at Hotel La Prima

Stopover at Hotel La Prima, breathe and take in the beauty of the warm orange sunset over the sea.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds at La Cucina

Enjoy authentic, affordable Italian food for dinner at La Cucina that’s renowned for its pasta and pizza.

Day 4

Lunch Out at La Cecile

Indulge in the alluring sea view from the terrace as you round off your Labuan Bajo tour with a delightful lunch at La Cecile and fly back to your original location

To get the best snorkeling and diving experience on your vacation in Labuan Bajo, book a live-on-board trip that can range from affordable to luxurious. So set your vacation mode on and have a great time in Labuan Bajo! (HR)