Travel by Taxi to Lake Toba from Silangit Airport


As the magnificent Lake Toba in North Sumatra is fast regaining its popularity, more and more airlines are today flying to Silangit Airport from Kualanamu in Medan thereby greatly reducing travel time. If Medan lies about 5 hours’ drive from Lake Toba, Silangit lies closer but it is stil some 1.5 hours ride from Lake Toba, so one does need transport to get to the various towns around the Lake. But not to worry, taxis with controlled fixed rates are now available for those who donot have their own cars.


Recently, directly after the staging of the resplendent Lake Toba Independence Day Carnival, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo declared Lake Toba as an ecotourism Destination.  


There are 7 regencies surrounding Lake Toba, which are Samosir, Toba Samosir, Simalungun, North Tapanuli, Karo, Dairi, and Humbang Hasundutan.. Silangit is located in the North Tapanuli regency, and today flights to Silangit Airport are served by national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, Lion Air and Susi Air. Garuda serves Silangit also direct from Jakarta.


Soon Silangit will be extended so it can receive larger aircrafts and its terminal much improved to be ready by early next year. In addition, extensive infrastructure improvements are being built in the area, including new roads and tourist facilities.


Taking a taxi to your destination around Lake Toba is simple. The official taxi counter is located outside the arrival hall (outside the main building) with banner taxi’s tariffs well displayed. The taxi fare is calculated by destination to each district. Unless you plan to stay in a remote village, an additional cost will be charged. Tell the officer at the counter about your destination, pay the fare according to the list and proceed to the taxi with the receipt. One minibus carries up to 4 passengers including luggage. The airport taxi service is available until 5pm.


Below is the list of fares:

Silangit - North Tapanuli towns

Muara IDR 200.000

Sipahutar IDR 250.000

Pangaharibuan IDR 300.000

Garoga IDR 375.000

Parmonangan IDR 300.000

Pagaran IDR 200.000

Tarutung IDR 250.000

Adian Koting IDR 300.000

Pahae IDR 350.000

Simangumban IDR 400.000

Purba Tua IDR 400.000

Silatop IDR 375.000

Kota Siborong-Borong IDR 50.000

Silangit - Toba Samosir

Balige IDR 200.00

Laguboti IDR 225.000

Porsea IDR 250.000

Lumban Julu IDR 300.000

Sibisa IDR 300.000

Ajibata IDR 350.000

Silangit - Samosir

Tele IDR 350.000

Samosir IDR 400.000

Pangururan IDR 400.000

Silangit- Humbang Hasundutan

Dolok Sanggul IDR 200.000

Onan Ganjang IDR 300.000

Pakkat IDR 400.000

Parlilitan IDR 400.000

Bakkara IDR 300.000

Pollung IDR 250.000

Silangit – Central Tapanuli

Barus IDR 500.000

Silangit - Dairi

IDR 475.000

Pakpak IDR 550.000

Parongil IDR 475.000

Sumbul Marampul IDR 350.000


Parapat IDR 350.000

Siantar IDR 475.000

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