Top Spots to shoot Spectacular Photos in Komodo National Park


An adventure to the lair of the dragons in the Komodo National Park is definitely the experience of a lifetime. This is the only remaining place on earth that is the habitat of  KomodoVaranus komodoensis, the largest living prehistoric lizard, the only one worthy of the title “Dragon”.  This national park is the closest you can get to a real-life Jurassic Park experience.

Secluded from the modern world, the Komodo National Park and its surrounding areas are also where nature has been kept its most pristine. Here, the seas offer vibrant colors and exotic marine life which amaze divers and snorkelers alike. On the surface, beautiful unspoiled beaches radiate a certain sense of serenity. On the hills above the vast savannah, you can gaze upon some of the most spectacular natural scenery you will ever see.  

Besides immersed in the splendor of nature, these spots also offer the perfect settings and composition for photography.
So, whether you are a professional photographer, avid Instagramer, or just simply love to take great photos, these are some of the best spots to shoot your pictures in and around Komodo National Park.

1 | Padar Island

From the summit of Padar Island, you can see beautiful beaches surrounding the island and some of the most fascinating natural scenery that you can ever hope to find. With all these amazing photo opportunities, Padar Island has even been dubbed a “Haven for Photographers”. The island is a great spot for sunrise and sunsets making it perfect for capturing the beautiful beaches or rolling hills catching the rays of light. Padar Island is the third-largest landmass within the Komodo National Park and lies between Komodo and Rinca Island. Although you may need to trek or hike up to some of the vantage points, the rewards waiting at the top is more than worth it.

2 | Peak of GIli Laba Island

Situated about an hour’s boat ride from Komodo Island or about 4 hours from Labuan Bajo, Gili Laba is a beautiful small uninhabited island. The island offers a one-of-a-kind view over the Flores Sea from the top of its hill. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the soft pearly white sand stretching over the beautiful beach that touches the crystal clear water of the sea. Covered by lush green savannahs below towering hills, the scenery here is truly marvelous.

3 | Kanawa Island

Located only some 15 kilometers from the growing harbor town of Labuan Bajo (the gateway to Komodo National Park), Kanawa Island is fringed with a bed of coral reefs teeming with colorful fish all around. Its turquoise water is exceptionally calm and clear. The island also offers views of sunrise and sunsets that you can enjoy from the top of the hill located at the center of the island. As it is also a favorite spot for snorkeling, you can also take some marvelous underwater photos among the colorful fish and coral reefs.

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4 | Pink Beach

A clear blue sky above, with fluffy white clouds drifting lazily across, rolling green hills, covered luxuriantly in thick vegetation interspersed with high, rocky cliffs. Here are calm, clear waters, tinted by the colorful corals below its surface, and alive with the movement of a hundred species of marine life. Last, but not least: a stretch of soft sand, neither white nor black, but surprisingly, Pink. This is what await you at the Pink Beach of Komodo Island, one of only seven pink beaches on the planet. With its unique feature, taking photos here is definitely a must. For a better view of Pink Beach, try to reach higher ground and capture the exceptional views with your camera.

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5 | Manta Point

The spellbinding beauty of Komodo National Park also lies below the surface. For divers and underwater photographers, your trip to Komodo National Park will not be complete without diving into Manta Point. Manta Point (often called Karang Makassar by the locals), is a popular spot among diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, being the place where they can encounter giant Manta Rays. Aside from opportunities to see these majestic gliders of the sea, Manta Point also offers other excellent diving and snorkeling experiences. Reefs lie from only 2 meters to 9 meters depth. Turtles, sharks, eagle rays, giant trevallies, huge clams, various kinds of sponges, and cuttlefish are just among some giant sea creatures you may see during your underwater adventure.

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6 | Kelor Island

Boasting serenity and pristine scenery, Kelor Island is another spot in the National Park that provides opportunities for perfect shots. The island has many features, including beautiful beaches, calm waters, looming hills, and more. The seascape is definitely top-notch, the kind where you just want to sit back, relax and indulge your eyes in its magnificent splendor. Since the island is relatively small, you can easily stroll around and explore every angle for your perfect shots.

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