Planning to Visit Tanjung Lesung? Here are 6 Activities You Can Try!


There is a beach in the part of Java that rarely gets talked about, but dwells an unparalleled beauty that makes people want to go back there again. It is Tanjung Lesung: a beachfront tourism area in Banten Province that offers all-in-one holiday attractions.

If you’re looking for a place that’s far from the usual tourist crowds but provides unlimited excitement and is located strategically, then Tanjung Lesung is one of the few suitable places that can accommodate your needs. It is only a 4-hour car drive away from Jakarta, yet when you arrive at the destination, you will be completely amazed with its otherworldly features. Here are some things you can do to maximize your holiday experience in Tanjung Lesung:

1 | Sunrise & Sunset Viewing

sunset in Tanjung Lesung beach

The main attraction here is the sunset and sunrise. Yes, you can get both of them in Tanjung Lesung. In the morning, wake up early from your resort and head to the westernmost part of the beach to find the vantage point and witness the amazing view of sunrise. In the early evening, travel a little bit to the east and marvel at the stunning orange sky. We suggest you allocate one day for sunrise-to-sunset experience or, if you’re taking a long trip, take the second day to see the sunrise and the second last day for the sunset.

2 | Watersport

a water sport activity in Tanjung Lesung beach

Image by tanjunglesungid

Looking for some adrenaline-boosting activities? Head to Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. This coastal area is developed by PT Banten West Java Tourism Development as a place that provides water adventure activities for tourists. There are four kinds of watersports that you can try here: parasailing, banana boat, jet ski, and snorkeling. If you prefer seeing the underwater without diving in, you can take the Glass Bottom Boat Trip. Furthermore, you can also try the fishing experience. Every exciting thing is there in front of you, and if you’re staying for a long time here, you can get them all in one visit!

3 | Bicycle Ride

a biker in Tanjung Lesung beach

Image by agamprtmaa

Aside from having a stunning beach scenery, Tanjung Lesung is also popular as a place to bike around. It is because Tanjung Lesung tourism area provides cycling tracks with forest trails combined with rice fields and beaches. Its popularity as a bicycle zone peaked when Tanjung Lesung was appointed to host the Mountain Bike Cross Country Marathon or MTB XC-M championship in September 2018. What an amazing thing, right?

Many tourists, especially local ones, bring their own bicycles to ride around the beach. However, you can also find many bicycle rentals around the beach area. Just wear your airpods and helmet, put on some music (we suggest “Bicycle Ride” by Queen), and have the best ride of your life!

4 | ATV by the Beach

ATV experience in Tanjung Lesung Beach

Image by christien_da

If you fancy a more automotive adventure, the bike trails in Tanjung Lesung can also be used as an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) track. You can also find ATVs being rented along the coast. Already planned for a bicycle ride? Well, riding an ATV is a whole different experience even if you’re doing it on the same track, so you should also try it for a maximum holiday sensation!

5 | Culinary Adventure

dining experience in Tanjung Lesung beach

Image by nandiniputrii

A holiday wouldn’t be complete without exploring the destination’s main specialty, right? In a beach tourism area like Tanjung Lesung, seafood will always be a highlight. You can enjoy a wide range of seafood dishes here in Kampoeng Nelayan Restaurant, which is located a little bit southeast of Tanjung Lesung Beach. Choose any kind of fish from carp, pompano, and many others while also tasting the other sea products from shrimp, squid, to crab. Feast upon the richness of Tanjung Lesung waters and enjoy your holiday while it lasts!

6 | Watching Debus Traditional Performance

a performance of debus

Image by randrytama

Entertaining, controversial, shocking. Even those three words cannot fully describe the magic of Debus: a traditional performance art from Banten that is also being presented in Tanjung Lesung. Witness how men (and sometimes women) show their ‘invincibility’ by exposing themselves to sharp objects, walking on burning coal, or anything that is dangerous. Many think it’s no more than magic tricks, some also believe that it’s ancient mysticism. However, it’s definitely a thrilling show and will get you gripping on the edge of your seat!


Once you have finally experienced all these 6 excitements, it’s time for you to spread the words about this destination. We also need to remind you that if you’re planning to visit here, kindly comply with the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols and practice a clean habit and social distancing everywhere you go. Last but not least, be a responsible traveler. Be mindful to avoid risk and protect not only yourself, but also everyone around you.