Going on a Trip to Lombok? Here Are 5 Activities You Should Try There


With its extraordinary beaches and unbeatable panoramic views, the beautiful island of Lombok is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. Feel the white sand of the beaches and explore the lush forests on your trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani. What else can you do in Lombok? Plenty!

1 | Island-Hop the Gilis

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Island-hop the Gilis and experience their unique charms first-hand. The spectacular reefs, the extraordinary dive sites, the divine beaches, such as the Sunset Beach of Gili Trawangan and the Port of Gili Meno, offer a different kind of adventure.

If you’re interested in going on a unique adventure and enjoying some fresh air, Gili Trawangan is the place for you. And if you’re looking for a quieter place to unwind and explore some natural beauty, Gili Meno is the best option. But if you want to experience the local culture, then head off to Gili Air, the island with the largest is by population.

There are two ways to enjoy these exotic islands. The first one is boarding a boat that is literally named “Island Hopper”. It runs twice a day and costs 40,000 IDR per person. If you are not in a hurry and are interested in experiencing the islands to their fullest, then this is the best choice. If you prefer a quick cruise through the islands, you can opt for the speedboat that runs every hour of the day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m and only takes 15 minutes max to reach from one island to another.

2 | Blend In With the Locals at Sade and Ende Village

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Experience the unique, colorful, and musical culture of the native people of Lombok, the Sasak Tribe, in Sade and Ende Village.

The 150 households or 700 indigenous people of Sade Village, Lombok, live in unique thatched houses made out of cow dung. The village has a museum where you can learn about their authentic traditions. You can learn how to weave ikat and make your very own sarong to take back home with you. Be careful not to stray too far as it’s easy to get lost in this huge village.

The Ende Village is located just 15 minutes from Lombok Airport. Here, you can visit the well-preserved traditional Sasak homes that are still occupied, and learn about the cuisine and customs directly from the locals. This historically-significant village is the birthplace of the Pancasila, The 5 Pillars of Indonesia. It was also the place where Soekarno, leader of Indonesia’s Independence Movement, spent his days after he was exiled by the Dutch colonial government. A statue of him still exists at the house he lived in, which has been turned into a museum.

3 | Admire the Landscape from the Top of Pergasingan Hill

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Located near the magnificent Mount Rinjani, Pergasingan Hill overlooks one of the best panoramic views in Lombok. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach the summit from the ridge and the trail is suitable for most hikers including beginners. It is a popular spot to witness the sunrise and sunset of the island. In fact, you can even camp at the top of the hill to experience both on the same day. You’ll find lush trees, a relaxing breeze, and many vegetable gardens or rice fields on your journey to the top.

4 | Explore the Magical Mandalika

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Mandalika is a must-see place that’s teeming with adventure around every corner. Located right in the heart of Lombok is a wide stretch of beautiful white-sand beach facing the glistening Indian Ocean. 

Mandalika is surrounded by some of Lombok’s most enchanting beaches, including the popular Seger Beach. A true paradise for surfers and those looking for tranquility, it is no wonder that Seger Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Another fun thing to do in Mandalika is exploring the cozy cafes on Kuta Street. Enjoy a wide array of international cuisines and exotic traditional meals as you stroll around the streets of Kuta.

5 | Try Ayam Taliwang; a Popular Local Dish of Lombok

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Taste Lombok’s specialty, the ayam taliwang, a whole chicken grilled and dipped in sambal, which is a traditional spicy sauce made of garlic, chili, and shrimp paste. This exotic dish is served with sambal-covered spinach and eggplants.

You can find this authentic meal almost everywhere on the island. Try it out and take your taste buds on a flavorful journey with Indonesia’s authentic spices.


From island hopping and taking in the spectacular views of the pristine beaches to discovering the preserved traditions of the indigenous Sasak Tribe, or trying out the exotic taste of Ayam Taliwang, there’s a long list of things to do in Lombok. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you in Lombok, Indonesia. See you soon!