Explore the Aesthetic and Historical Places in Semarang

Have you ever been to Semarang before? If you’ve never been here before, then you might want to give it a chance when planning for your upcoming holiday. Why’s that so? Even though this city may not be as popular as its neighbors like Solo or Yogyakarta, in Semarang, you can experience a lot of awe-inspiring things too. As the capital city of Central Java, Semarang is known as a melting pot that holds a rich history, producing aesthetically pleasing architecture, delightful culinary, and diverse cultures. Need a guide on how to experience Semarang in the best possible way? Take note on these brilliant trip ideas below!


1. Learn about Indonesian Traditional Houses while taking some instagrammable photos at Grand Maerakaca

a spot in Grand Maerakaca

YLet’s kick off the journey by taking a quick and fun course about Indonesian cultures at Grand Maerakaca, a recreational park located quite close to Jenderal Ahmad Yani International Airport. In this exciting park, you will be presented with various replicas of traditional houses found across the country, from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to Papua. You can also find multiple goods particular to each region within these traditional houses. Not only that, but Grand Maerakaca also offers several other instagenic attractions which include an enchanting mangrove forest and Lumina, a brand new park featuring 25 replicas of houses from around the world, including Greece, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.


2. Explore the history of the Indonesian Railway in Ambarawa Museum

the entrance of Ambarawa Museum

Get yourself familiar with the history of locomotives in Indonesia by taking a trip to Ambarawa Museum, one of the most famous historical sites around Semarang. Starting as a Dutch-owned station named Willem I, this railway museum can be found in the town of Ambarawa, situated between Semarang and Salatiga in the south. Here, you’ll be able to learn about the records of Indonesian locomotives. The museum is filled with numerous interesting locomotive-related items from the Dutch East Indies era to the pre-independence era, which includes facilities, infrastructure, and administrative equipment. More interestingly, you can also witness a couple of steam locomotives and take pictures with these vintage trains.


3. Have Fun Go Mad in Dusun Semilir

a photo spot in Dusun Semilir

After you’re done learning about Indonesian locomotive history in the Ambarawa museum, it’s time to have some fun again by exploring Dusun Semilir Eco Park, located in Bawen district. Inside the park, you can enjoy plenty of exciting rides, eye-catching photo spots, restaurants serving delectable foods, as well as lodges with interesting architecture. Explore little Europe at Alun Eropa, then get your adrenaline rushing by playing at Wahana Perosotan. Take a break by enjoying Indonesian foods at Gunungan Resto, then continue your trip by going on a shopping spree for some unique Indonesian crafts. Have some rest by chilling to the tropical vibes of Banyu Biru, then end your trip by strolling through the colorful Jalan Kenangan while tasting finger-licking street foods.


4. Explore the historical and aesthetic Old City Semarang

a view of Blenduk Church

Visiting Semarang wouldn’t be complete without exploring one of its most iconic areas, namely Semarang Old Town. The area is known widely to house a myriad of historical places. From then until now, Semarang Old Town is considered to be the central hub of Semarang, where many cultures assimilate. This can be seen from the landmarks that you’ll see once you arrive at Semarang Old Town. Here, you can witness old buildings with European architectural style as well as several Buddhist temples with classic Chinese architecture. Try dining at Spiegel Bar and Resto to embark on a worldwide culinary journey while being accompanied by the vintage vibes of the restaurant’s interior. Then visit Blenduk Church to see the neo-classical heritage from the colonial times. Do also check out Marabunta, an old Dutch theatre decorated with two large ants above its entrance.


5. Night Stroll at Simpang Lima

Simpang Lima at night

Want to end your day with something special? Take a night stroll around Simpang Lima, a plaza located right at the heart of Semarang. There’s so much good stuff you can find around this vibrant plaza. Here, you can enjoy the lovely nighttime ambiance of Semarang featuring the glimmering lights of the passing tricycles. Don’t forget to check out a huge selection of scrumptious Semarang street food available around this plaza too while you’re at it!

So, are you enticed to explore Semarang in the next holiday? You can still search for more exciting spots or historical sites in Semarang on this page, as there are countless of them. While you're searching for more places to visit, make sure to always remember the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which include wearing your mask, keeping your distance, and washing your hands regularly.