Don’t Miss These: 5 Must Try Street Foods in Bandung


Looking for local Bandung cuisine? Need to satisfy your appetite while you're exploring the city? Or you're a foodie looking to try something new? If you are not familiar with the culinary capital of West Java,  then this is the guide for you.

Bandung is famous for its Batagor and Siomay, savory fried/steamed fish cakes served with spicy peanut sauce, but the city has more culinary delights you can savor. And when you're enjoying Bandung, answer your curiosity on the native Sundanese culinary by trying these famous street foods. Early warning though, the Sundanese love their food spicy hot.


1 | Ceu Mar

Image Source: www.duniakulinerbandung.com

When the night comes and you're looking for dinner, street-style, then Ceu Mar is the place to go. Ceu Mar is a big buffet of Sundanese dishes where you eat in an open area. Dishes like fried tempe (soybean cake) and tofu, spicy scrambled egg, brined-anchovies, grilled chicken, everyone's favorite -Sundanese beef goulash (gulai daging)- and many more are all perfectly cooked and halal. The eatery doesn't have a menu or price, but a plate of various dishes is less than Rp 50.000 (US$ 3). Said to be established since 1974, Ceu Mar is one of the legendary street foods in Bandung and is the favorite of locals, mostly young people, in the city.

Location: Jalan Banceuy, near Braga.
Opening hours: 6pm – 4am


2 | Bubur Ayam Gibbas

Image Source: www.duniakulinerbandung.com

Savory, plentiful, and cheap perfectly describe Bubur Ayam Gibbas. This steaming hot chicken porridge is served with a generous portion of shredded chicken topping. The topping is so plentiful, it almost spills from the bowl and you may need an extra bowl to hold extra toppings such as crackers, eggs, skewered chicken liver, and gizzard. The price starts from Rp 15.000 to Rp 25.000.

Location:  Jalan Kebon Jati 187, Bandung
Opening hours: 5.30am – 11am and 4pm – midnight.


3 | Nasi Bistik Astana Anyar

Image Source: www.duniakulinerbandung.com

The word “bistik” comes from beef steak, but don't let it fool you because Nasi Bistik Astana Anyar does not use beef at all. The east-meets-west fusion uses sliced fried chicken steak as the main ingredient. That's right, fried chicken steak, served with steamed vegetables and fried potato wedge. The flagship dish is Bistik Fried Rice but if you're avoiding cholesterol you can also try other menus such as Mushroom Rice and Capcay (stir-fried vegetable with slices of chicken). The price is around Rp 20.000 per portion.

Location: Jalan Astana Anyar 264, Bandung
Opening hours: 6pm - midnight

4. | Cireng Cipaganti

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If you're just feeling a little peckish, you may want to try Cireng Cipaganti. The bite-size snack is made of fried tapioca mixed with starch and covered with peanut sauce. It has a savory taste, chewy texture and best served while it's still hot. To enrich the flavor, Cireng Cipaganti comes with minced beef, sausage, beef floss (abon), or cheese filling. You can also buy raw Cireng to be cooked later at home. A piece of cireng costs around Rp 6.000.
Location: Jalan Cipaganti 305, near the Post Office.
Opening hours: 1pm – 8.30pm 
Street food is the authentic identity of a locale. The real taste of Bandung lies in its signature street food. It's what makes Bandung a popular destination for culinary tourism. The delicious taste and affordable price are an alternative to dining in a fancy restaurant!


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