8 Top Destinations in Bali Recommended by The Winners of #ItstimeforBaliTop3!

Congratulations to @theworldtravelguy, @colourwrks, and @jeanerooseline for being the winners of #ItstimeforBaliTop3! By sharing their astonishing photos featuring their top destinations in Bali with @indtravel and the rest of the world, these winners have inspired a lot of people to set their sights on The Island of God. Some of the destinations chosen by them include a serene and eye-soothing rice fields, sparkling beaches with breathtaking sea views, a garden featuring a myriad of magnificent statues, and many more. Would you like to know more about all of the amazing destinations shared by these three winners? Let’s check them out together below!


1.  Feel the serenity of Tegallalang Rice Terraces


Image by theworldtravelguy

Filled with plenty of escapades, it's so easy to relieve your stress in Bali. If you want the proof, just head over to Tegallalang Rice Terraces! Located in Ubud, which is known for its lush landscapes, this place is favored by a lot of tourists. Just look at @theworldtravelguy and @colourwrks, who have named this lovely rice field as one of their top destinations in Bali. Featuring numerous mesmerizing rice terraces, lush greeneries, and refreshing air, Tegallalang Rice Terraces would be a perfect choice for those of you who are craving serenity.


2.  Hear the sound of waves at Echo Beach Canggu


Image by colourwrks

Another destination recommended by @colourwrks is Echo Beach Canggu,  a surfer's heaven located in Canggu, North Kuta. Sometimes also known as Batu Mejan, the sea in front of this beach offers thrilling waves, making it one of the best surfing spots in Bali. Other than its waves, Echo Beach Canggu also offers an incredible sea panorama that will surely last forever in your memory.


3.  Don’t forget to swim at Uluwatu Beach!


Image by colourwrks

A trip to The Island of Gods wouldn't be complete without swimming around its wonderful sea. Looking for the best place for swimming? Have a look at Uluwatu Beach! Lying on the southwestern edge of Bali, this gorgeous beach is an excellent spot for swimming around. Set your eyes on this picture shared by @colourwrks to see how amazing the waters of this beach are. However, you have to stay cautious when swimming in the sea.


4.  Witness the magnificence of Kelingking Beach


Image by theworldtravelguy

Who doesn't love to capture the magical beauty of Bali? @theworldtravelguy certainly does!  Look at this astounding picture he shared with the world! The landscape of Kelingking Beach in the southwest of Nusa Penida is truly unmatched. Featuring a clear turquoise sea as well as a vast sparkling sand, this beach is surrounded by photogenic sceneries. This beach is also known as T-Rex Beach since there is a huge rock formation shaped like Tyrannosaurus rex. No wonder photographers around the world are adoring this place!


5.  Chill out at Sekumpul Waterfall


Image by theworldtravelguy

The natural marvels of Bali don't stop at its beautiful beaches. Eye-soothing waterfalls are also scattered around the island. One of them is Sekumpul Waterfall, which can be found in the Buleleng regency. Recommended by @theworldtravelguy, a single glance at this astonishing shot, is enough to explain the charm of this waterfall! When you arrive at Sekumpul Waterfall, the breathtaking sight of multiple waterfalls will greet your eyes immediately. Not only that, the lush greeneries and cool breeze around the place will also put your mind, body, and soul at ease.


6.  Taking pictures around the gorgeous flowers at Edelweis Garden


Image by jeanerooseline

Colorful flowers are always pleasing to look at. Just come over to Edelweis Garden if you want to witness such a thing! The first to be recommended by @jeanerooseline,  this garden can be found near the foothills of Mount Agung. Different from many tourist attractions in Bali, Edelweis Garden offers a gorgeous flower field featuring multiple awesome photo spots. As can be seen from her post, this garden is filled with lovely edelweiss flowers guaranteed to impress your family and friends.


7.   Admire the magnificent Mount Kintamani


Image by jeanerooseline

Always adore the sight of mountains? Then this place would be a perfect fit for you! Known as Kintamani, this mountainous region is located in the northern part of Bali. Another recommendation by @jeanerooseline, Kintamani offers a cool atmosphere as well as a fantastic panorama. Here, you’ll be able to have a chance to set your eyes at the ever-so-magnificent Mount Batur from afar. All while enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee served at numerous cafes available around the area.


8.  Adore the beauty of dancer statues at Dedari Garden


Image by jeanerooseline

Ever seen an outstanding work of art in Bali? If not, give yourself some time to visit Dedari Garden, a newly opened garden and restaurant in Ubud. Taking its name from the word bidadari which means angel, this garden is the final recommendation by @jeanerooseline. An exquisite spot for all kinds of photoshoots, here, you can find a myriad of finely-detailed statues standing among a peaceful garden. If you’re lucky, you can also witness a marvelous sunset from this garden!


There you go! Those are the top destinations in Bali recommended by the winners of #ItstimeforBaliTop3. Now, are you in with #ItstimeforBali yet? Be sure to always comply with the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols once you’ve set your foot in Bali. This includes, social distancing, wearing your mask frequently, as well as washing your hands regularly.