6 Mangrove Forests in Java You Don’t Want to Miss


After a long tiring week of work (and being confined to home), going on a short weekend getaway with friends and family is absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating. How about an anti-mainstream vacay in a mangrove forest to get yourself away from the crowds, to chill out, and have some profound experiences?

Fortunately, Indonesia, especially Java Island, is home to a number of beautiful mangrove forests where you can spend the whole day cruising through passages. Here are 6 Mangrove Forests of Java that you wouldn’t want to miss on your upcoming post-pandemic trip:

1 | Mangrove Forest of Kadilangu Sand, Kulon Progo

mangrove forest

Mangrove Forest of Kadilangu Sand is located between Kulon Progo Regency and Purworejo Regency, Central Java. Offering fresh air and immense beauty, this mangrove forest is surely the most congenial place for your upcoming vacation. Apart from enjoying the scenery and learning about the plants, you will also get the opportunity to take photos with different interesting backdrops, such as love anchors, bird nests, swing decorations, and heart-shaped bridges.

You can also cruise through the mangrove forests while enjoying the beautiful sunset with your partner. There is nothing more romantic than sharing a sunset with someone you love. If your stomach growls with hunger, you can enjoy tasty lunch options at the nearby restaurants.

2 | Wana Tirta Mangrove Forests, Kulon Progo

mangrove forest

Wana Tirta Mangrove Forest is relatively smaller than other mangrove forests in Java. However, it’s brimming with unique, Instagrammable photo spots and enchanting views, which make this place worth visiting. You can take a stroll down the Siapi-api Bridge to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the lush green mangrove canopies and the meandering river.

Of course, you can take pictures at different cool photo spots such as bamboo walkways, gazebos, canopies, and heart-shaped ornaments, or explore the river in a boat to enjoy the surroundings. A quick tip: wear light, vibrantly colored clothes when visiting this place to make your photos pop!

3 | Muara Bengawan Solo Mangrove, Solo

It’s no secret that the legendary Bengawan Solo is this longest river in Java that flows through Central and East Java, and if you pay a visit to Muara Bengawan Solo Mangrove, you will get the opportunity to sail up the river. This new ecotourism destination features a peaceful mangrove forest and a beautiful, diverse marine ecosystem.

The boats used to go across the river are strong-built and you are required to wear a safety vest to ensure your safety during the trip. Along the way, you can view rows of green shells and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the forest as you watch the birds whistle and hop across the tree limbs.

4 | Wonorejo Mangrove, Semarang

mangrove forest

Located close to the Juanda Airport, Wonorejo Mangrove would be a great pick on a quick visit to Semarang. Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with an area of approximately 200 hectares, this place offers a quiet and peaceful ambiance with an alluring view of mangrove trees. A wooden walkway leads you to a pavilion by the pier where you can find boats to take you to the heart of the mangrove forest area.

You will also be able to spot wildlife, such as birds chattering happily and crab-eating macaques hanging cheerfully on the branches of the trees. Apart from enjoying the panorama, you can also learn how to plant mangroves.

5 | Edupark Mangrove, Semarang

Located in the Maron Beach area, Semarang, Edupark Mangrove Semarang is undoubtedly worth visiting. It offers beautiful panoramas, and of course, fresh air. What’s interesting is that you can watch the airplanes fly over the forest and take interesting photos with an airplane in the background! Moreover, a 10-meter-high tower in the forest offers you the best panoramic view of the area and its surroundings.

6 | Mangrove of Maerokoco, Semarang

mangrove forest

Maerokoco Mangrove, also known as Puri Maerokoco, is an ecotourism destination that truly represents Central Java with a miniature version of the province built over here. The site is brimming with 35 pavilions, each featuring the traditional houses and best local products of different regions within the province.

A mini yacht will take you around to enjoy the stunning view and the gorgeous sunset while sipping a cup of local coffee. If you get the munchies, you can have lunch at the nearby restaurants offering a mouthwatering selection of fresh seafood. This place usually hosts events, such as musical entertainment, cultural festivals, and fishing sports to draw a bigger audience.


If you’re in dire need of a back-to-nature kinda vacay, mangrove forests should definitely be on your bucket list. Away from the hurly-burly of everyday life, you will be transported to a world teeming with tranquility, enthralling beauty, and magnificent scenery. Visiting a mangrove forest will not only allow you to enjoy the scenery but will also help preserve the environment and support ecotourism. Go check out the beauty yourself!