5 Wonderful Christmas Postcards from Indonesia

Christmas is always a perfect time to rekindle with your loved ones. People have been celebrating it in many different ways, including dining, sharing gifts, and mingling together. But what about exchanging postcards? It might be a classic trope that has been left by many, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring joy to people around you.

Since Bali, Indonesia, has reopened its tourism border, it might be a good idea to remind your friends and family about the flawless beauty of the archipelago by sending them Christmas postcards from Indonesia. Who knows, things might be getting better in the future and you can visit other regions in Indonesia with them. For now, exchanging postcards is always a good idea. Make it a classic Christmas and download these postcards directly from here!


Lake Toba, North Sumatera

a view of Lake Toba from above

Being the largest volanic lake in the world, Lake Toba is still considered as one of the natural wonders of the world. Aside from its gigantic size due to the ancient colossal eruption, Lake Toba dwells an abundance of bewitching natural and cultural beauties to explore. This postcard would be perfect to motivate those who fancy lakeview spectacles.

You can download the Lake Toba postcard directly from this link.


Lengkuas, Belitung

Lengkuas Island, Belitung

Who wouldn’t be tempted for a holiday if someone sent them a real life picture of a lighthouse on a seaside of a small island? Lengkuas Island in Belitung is definitely a great destination for those who would like to travel to a secluded island. The lighthouse might not be available for visitors, but you can still enjoy the surroundings, especially the huge rock formations on the beach.

You can directly download the postcard of Lengkuas Island by clicking this link.


Diamond Beach, Bali

Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida

Many have claimed that Diamond Beach is the most beautiful place in Nusa Penida, a small island southeast of Bali, and it’s not without reason. Take a look at it by yourself. A picture of untouched, white-sand, and silky blue water bay on a postcard will surely invite anyone to immediately visit the place for a vacation.

Download the postcard of Diamond Beach directly by clicking this link.


Likupang, North Sulawesi

Likupang Beach in North Sulawesi

It is still rarely known by people around the world, but that’s the point: through this postcard, you should let many people know that Likupang is a miraculously beautiful destination in North Sulawesi they should visit. Located only 48 kilometers from the city of Manado, there are a lot of things you can explore in Likupang, especially Likupang Beach and Pulisan Hill. One thing for sure: those who come to this place for a holiday will never get bored exploring.

Get the Likupang Beach postcard by clicking this link.


Raja Ampat, West Papua

Raja Ampat in West Papua

Last but not least, the gem from the eastern Indonesia: Raja Ampat. Famous for its otherworldly natural wonder both on land and underwater, Raja Ampat offers incredible views from various lookout points. Wayag, Misool, and Piaynemo are some of the popular spots that you can visit here. Make your tropical postcard-perfect dream come true by visiting this place soon in the future!

Click this link to download the postcard of Raja Ampat.

Although you haven’t been able to visit most of these places yet, you can still dream and make holiday plans to these destinations in the future. We need to kindly remind you to always comply with the health protocols and keep practicing healthy habits wherever you go, especially when you visit Indonesia. In the meantime, we wish you a bright and beautiful Christmas and may you always be surrounded by happiness.