5 Reasons Travelers Love Water Rafting at Ayung River in Ubud


What is the best thing you love about Bali? Most tourists would say it’s the beaches. But Bali offers a whole lot more, with attractions tailored to anyone in the family to enjoy. Either you are going on a leisure leap and planning just to laze under the sun or you are eagerly seeking some adrenaline rush, Bali has it all.  And, white water rafting is, indeed, an outdoor activity that intrigues both the laid back and the adventure seekers. Riding and paddling on an inflatable raft, navigating through a rushing river, enjoying taking risks and finishing strong with your teamwork skills, rafting will give you the chance to appreciate nature from a different angle.

Bali has 3 main locations for white water rafting, they are: the Ayung River, the Telaga Waja River and the Melangit River. Each has its own pros and cons among visitors. With a few more advantages, let’s take a closer look to just one particular river.

The Ayung river, located at Kedewatan Ubud, is the widest and longest river in Bali, stretching 75 kilometres from the northern mountains area all the way to the Badung Strait at Sanur. Following the International Scale for River Difficulty, there are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. Each grade is numbered to describe the conditions of the strength of streams, expected waves, rocky conditions, expected drops-offs and individual skill levels ability to maneuver through the river.

Classified as class II and III in the dry the season, means that the Ayung has some rough water, some rocks, small drops, but poses no considerable danger. Skill levels here range from basic paddling with some experience in rafting will suffice for the journey. In the rainy season, however, when the water-level rises, the Ayung is classified as class IV, having medium large waves and needing better skills to maneuver the  sharp bends when needed.

The Ayung’s white water rafting trail offers a 10 kilometers route that will need 1,5 – 2 hours to meander through. But those hours are going to fly so fast since you will forget the time as you are having a great time in the adventure. Here are the top reasons why you must try to put on those safety gear, get on the raft and start paddling!

1 | Close to the town of Ubud

The Ayung river is located about one hour’s drive from most tourist centres, or just 20 minutes drive from Ubud. There are a number of rafting organizing companies to choose from, each dedicated to provide you the services and assistance whenever you decide to venture on the ride. You can visit each of the official websites and select which one suits you best.

2 | Suitable for all

With the condition of calm waters and manageable drops and turns, the streams give visitors of all ages the right level of excitement. Children as young as age 9 to elderly of maximum 65 years of age are allowed to take part in the joyride. But do read carefully and be advised by the terms and conditions aplied by each of the rafting organizers, because they might not be the same as to age limit and safety rules. Find out more about the start and finish points of the organizers and their locations, to get an idea of the walking distance that you may have to travel up or down before and after you rafting adventure. 

3 | Perfect for recreation


First timers shouldn’t feel discouraged trying out rafting on the Ayung river, because each raft is equipped with safety gear, preliminary skills training on basic maneuvers, and an experienced guide on board. Enjoy your time engaging with fellow rafters while steering down the stream. Some drops and turns may just be the trigger for the adventurous fire inside you waiting to ignite. Feeling happy and fun is the whole point of the trip, so don’t hold back and keep up the spirit! 

4 | Amazing scenery

Enjoy the clear water of the river chutes down the valley, passing through some magnificent natural wonders of Bali, a lush green rainforest, ricefields, carved stone walls and splashing waterfalls. Experience the unusual viewing angle to Bali’s spectacular panorama and its wildlife. Be amazed by how nature has blessed such harmony and beauty to the Land of the Gods.  

5 | Great photo shots

Whenever the condition of water and waves are possible, some guides will be more than happy to do a pitstop and give you a chance to shoot  pictures. If you can arrange your time of departure, it is best to go for the morning ride, for better lighting. Those scenic spots will be so hard not to freeze these in frames as one unforgettable moment spent in Bali. 

There you go, a few in the top list of reasons to convince you to take a dose of fun under the sun enjoying your white water rafting adventure. We’ll see you there!