5 of Lombok’s Gili Trawangan Best Villas


Seems like everyone has heard of the fabulous island of Gili Trawangan - just one of three magical Gili Islands - off the west coast of the island of Lombok, a ferry ride away from Bali.

Photo source: www.kokomogilit.com

Because of its popularity, choosing a place to stay on Gili Trawangan can be tricky with such a variety of different places to choose from. To help you along here is a list that we have compiled of 5 hotels that have received excellent reviews, provide great service and offer guests a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

A tip when you are booking: if you are looking for discounted or off season rates; there are online booking sites that offer fantastic deals for the properties below:


1 | Kaleydo Villas

Photo source: www.kaleydovillas.com

Whether you are planning a romantic holiday for two, or a family vacation; Kalyedo Villas has just what you need. Located just three minutes away from the warm sandy beaches of Gili and walking distance to the heart of Gili’s nightlife, are just a few perks that Kaleydo has to offer as well as the free use of bicycles and snorkeling equipment.

Enjoy a dip in their jacuzzi, as you relax in complete serenity or take a swim in their beautiful swimming pool before heading out to explore the island. Interested in booking Kaleydo for your next stay? Visit the website below for more details

Priced: Approximately IDR 2,000,000,-/per night
Website: http://www.kaleydovillas.com/about/


2 | Pondok Santi Estate

Photo source: www.pondoksanti.com

Pondok Santi Estate is an aesthetically pleasing beachfront property that provides a number of bungalows. Each one especially designed for the comfort of its guests, the hotel ensures not just utmost professional service but also the perfect amount of privacy. The land is incredible spacious, perfect for children to run around or even for a spontaneous picnic under the shade of the palm trees. Feel free to take a look at the website below for more details.

Priced: Approximately IDR 2,500,000,-/per night
Website: http://www.pondoksanti.com/


3 | Utara Villas

Photo source: www.utara-villas.com

Utara Villas is a new property offering luxurious bungalows with own private pool, each bungalow has everything you need to make your stay memorable and the staff are ready to assist you in any way you may require. The beach is just a 3 minute walk from Utara, and the breakfast selection is one not to miss out on. As the property is a slight distance away from the harbour; we recommend that upon arrival you hire a horse drawn carriage, to take you to the villa, the trip should be about 40 minutes and cost you about IDR 150,000,-.

Priced: Approximately IDR 2,000,000,-/per night
Website: https://www.utara-villas.com/


4 | Pearl of Trawangan

Photo source:  www.pearloftrawangan.com

Where better to stay than the Pearl of Trawangan? It is a fantastic resort that offers a variety of different styles of bungalows at different price points. A personal favourite however is the Lumbung Beach Cottage as it has the perfect blend of traditional meets modern day living. The architecture resembles a cultural design with a twist of modern furnishing that in itself is an experience worth trying. The resort is also beachfront which allows easy access to the beautiful blue waters of Gili. Interested in taking a further look at this resort? Click the website below for more details.

Price: Approximately IDR 2,576,000,-/per night (Lumbung Beach Cottage only)
Website: https://www.pearloftrawangan.com/


5 | Gili Treehouse

Photo source:  www.cleartrip.com

Have you ever dreamed to spend a night in a luxurious tree house? Raised above all that surrounds it and fully equipped with the amenities offered by other villas on this list is the Gili Treehouse. Only 5 minutes away from the beach, free bike rentals, a lovely swimming pool, excellent food and a chance to sleep in the trees in complete comfort puts Gili Treehouse on our list as an experience of luxury like no other before. Rarely is this ever an opportunity, so if you are enticed by the idea of staying at this Treetop property, click on the link below for more details.

Price: Approximately IDR 2,500,000,-/per night
Website: https://www.gilitreehouses.com/


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