5 Family Vacation Ideas in Bintan


Bintan has always been one of the top choices for a tropical island destination not only by Indonesian local tourists but also worldwide. It’s where nature, luxury, and adventure blend together in harmony. Not only is Bintan a place where you can find leisure by yourself, but you can also get an exciting family vacation there. In this article, we have a recommendation on 5 family vacation ideas you can do while having a holiday with your family in Bintan.

1 | Experience Desert Themed Glamping Resort at the Anmon Resort Bintan

Imagine staying in a luxurious camp in the middle of the desert on a tropical island. Sounds very surreal and exciting right? Well, you can experience it in Anmon Resort in Bintan. Located only 5-minute from the Bintan-Singapore ferry pier in the Treasure Bay waterfront resort, Anmon Resort presents 100 deluxe teepee-style glamping tents with sophisticated Mediterranean-style interior design, private bathrooms, and enclosed patios.

Enjoying the cozy glamping at the anmon resort in bintan

You will be treated with a gorgeous, tranquil ambiance of a glamping area with high-speed internet access and 24-hour unique digital concierge service provided in the area. Furthermore, the place also has its own restaurant called The Compass Rose, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with mouth-watering cuisines. The children will have fun looking for instagrammable spots for them to take selfies at. Moreover, the adults can also enjoy TIPI bar, managed by an award-winning mixologist from Singapore to give you the best quality beverage to enjoy. Therefore, when the children are fast asleep inside the tent after a whole day full of excitement, the adults can hit the bar and have the best time of their lives.

2 | Explore the Mangrove Forest Bintan

Bring your children to see the thrilling wildlife of Bintan Mangrove Forest. Located at Sebong River in Lagoi, it’s the home to hundreds of wildlife and fauna species such as macaques, silver leaf monkeys, and vibrant kingfishers. Prepare to ride a boat through the streams of Sebong River and see the otherworldly scene of wilderness that looks straight out of a movie.

exploring the amazing mangrove forest in bintan

The good news is, if you’re taking the night tour, you can find a number of beautiful fireflies that will accompany you along the journey. However, if you’re taking the day tour, you can show your children the kind of animals that appear in your surroundings. Another thing you can do in Bintan Mangrove Forest is learning more about the mangrove ecosystem from your guide and find out how the locals use the plants in their daily lives.

3 | Have Fun Beach Activity at White Sand Island

Looking for a supply of vitamin sea with your family? Head straight to White Sand Island. Also known as "Pulau Beralas Pasir" (sand-based island) by the locals, this place is a secluded island located off the eastern Trikora coast of the Bintan island and it's only a 15-minute boat ride from Trikora Km. 38 harbor.

having fun at white sand island

The first thing you will notice when you arrive at this place is, of course, the white sands around the coastline that gives the pristine, immaculate ambiance to this island. The place is perfect for a family getaway as you can customize the kind of holiday you want by yourself, whether it’s all about snorkeling and scuba diving or about beach sports like volleyball and Frisbee throwing. Make sure you bring your own picnic lunchbox with your own meal plans here so you won’t have trouble finding places to eat because there are no restaurants or even small food stalls here.

The island is also known for its active contribution to being a conservation area for baby turtles. Aside from providing a sanctuary for baby turtles and protecting turtle eggs, an event titled Save Our Seas is held annually to clean up the seabed with the assistance of volunteer divers, nearby resorts, and local schools. Your children can participate in this event, too, if you want to teach them the way to preserve nature in its simplest form.

4 | Ride the Seawaters at Treasure Bay Bintan

Comprises over a 338-hectare area of the water theme park, Treasure Bay Bintan’s Crystal Lagoon is extraordinary not only because it’s located on the waterfront, but also because it’s the first man-made seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia. In this place, you can explore a wide range of recreational activities suitable for all ages.

experiencing the seawater at treasure bay in bintan

The facilities can hold approximately 115,060,000 liters of seawater. You should not feel worried because the lagoon’s exceptionally filtered seawater is delicate on the skin. It is said that in the future, the area will soon deliver a vibrant and exciting environment of dining, spa, retail, and entertainment for a family holiday needs and desires.

5 | Enjoy Bintan Tasty Cuisines

A great tropical paradise wouldn’t be perfect if it doesn’t have some mouth-watering local dishes. For starters, we recommend you and your family try otak-otak: grilled fresh fish cake wrapped in banana leaf mixed with tapioca and spices. There are two types of otak-otak in Bintan: one made from fish and one made from squid. Although they indeed have different kinds of flavor, both of them surely will make you never forget the taste of Bintan for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a uniquely thrilling culinary adventure, we recommend you try gonggong: a kind of sea-snail that is usually boiled and served with a pineapple, garlic, or chili sauce.

tasting the delicious bintan food

You might need a little effort to pull the flesh out from the shell but once it goes in your mouth, the heavenly taste will leave an everlasting memory in your heart.



Have you decided what to put on your future family holiday itinerary to Bintan? Indonesia is preparing to welcome you back with the InDOnesia CARE: strict implementation of Cleanliness-Health-Safety-Environmental Sustainability protocol throughout all tourism stakeholders in Indonesia. Therefore, we can promise you, once you can finally travel to Indonesia again, we will welcome you back with a warm embrace.