5 Facts You Need to Know about PON XX Papua 2021

In the upcoming days, Indonesia’s National Sports Week or PON (Pekan Olahraga Nasional) will begin. This special sporting event is held every four years in different regions throughout Indonesia. And this time, the 20th PON will be hosted in Papua under PON XX Papua 2021. Taking place on 2-15 October 2021, this event will feature 37 sports with 56 sports disciplines. As the first PON that will be held during the pandemic, there are several interesting tidbits that you should know about PON XX Papua 2021. Let’s check them out below!


1. Hybrid Sporting Event

As this year’s PON will be held during the pandemic, the government of Indonesia has decided that PON XX Papua 2021 will be done as a hybrid sporting event, as an effort to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic. By following strict health protocols, the sporting event can be seen live from the venue. However, the amount of the crowd will be limited to only a few, and those who plan to watch the event live at the venue must register online first. All attendants will have to show their vaccination certificates and have their body temperature checked. Furthermore, as a hybrid sporting event, PON XX Papua 2021 can also be witnessed virtually through live streaming as well as through several local television channels.

2. Held in 4 regions ( Kota Jayapura, Kab. Jayapura, Kab. Mimika, dan Kab.Merauke )

Youtefa Bridge in Jayapura

PON XX Papua 2021 will not be held only in one region, instead the sporting event will be held in four different regions within Papua. The four regions that will host PON XX Papua 2021 includes Jayapura city, Jayapura regency, Mimika regency, and Merauke regency. These cities and regencies will also be referred to as ‘clusters’. Each of these clusters will host different sporting contests.The cluster of  Jayapura city will host 15 sports with 21 sporting disciplines. Meanwhile, Jayapura regency cluster is going to host 14 sports with 22 sporting disciplines. As for Mimika regency, this cluster will host 9 sports with 12 sporting disciplines. Finally, Merauke regency cluster will host 6 sports along with 6 sporting disciplines.

3. New stadium as welcoming venue

The interior of  Lukas Enembe Sentani Stadium

To celebrate the opening and eventually the closing of this glorious sporting event, a brand new world-class venue has been prepared to accommodate PON XX Papua 2021. Located to the west of Jayapura city, Papua, Lukas Enembe Sentani Stadium will be designated as the main venue of PON XX Papua 2021. With a capacity of 45,000 people, Lukas Enembe Sentani Stadium was built five years ago and steadily has become one of the greatest stadiums in Indonesia. The stadium has met international standards, so it’s suitable for Olympic events. The soccer field has met FIFA standards and the running track has also met IAAF standards. On top of that, the supporting facilities were also imported directly from abroad.

4. Featuring 37 sports and 6.442 athletes

As one of the biggest sporting events in Indonesia, PON XX Papua 2021 will bring in 6,442 athletes from each province across the nation. These athletes will prove themselves and compete in 37 sports with 56 sporting disciplines, which will amount to 679 matches in total. These sports include aerosports, aquatics, basketball, badminton, billiards, bodybuilding, chess, martial arts, motorcycling, soccer, rock climbing, volleyball, and many others. What’s more interesting, for the very first time, this year’s PON will also feature e-sport as one of the exhibition sports.Last but not least, Wakatobi also has some exciting and delicious local cuisines that you should try. Take for example, kambalu: one of the local dishes from Wakatobi which is usually eaten as a substitute for rice. Kambalu is a food made of taro wrapped in young coconut leaves. The taste is savory and light with a chewy texture.

5. Exciting logo & adorable mascots

The mascots of PON XX Papua 2021

Image source: ponxx2020papua

Other than being done in a different way and featuring so many new things, PON XX Papua 2021 will also be accompanied by two unique mascots. Say hello to Kangpho and Drawa, two mascots representing the native endemic animals of Papua. Kangpho is a golden-mantled tree kangaroo, a cute marsupial creature with brown and beige hair that can be found hanging out on the trees in West Papua’s wilderness. Meanwhile, Drawa is a Cenderawasih, an exotic bird with long beautiful feather tails native to Papua, which is also known as the ‘bird of paradise’ due to its striking appearance.

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