4 Ideas You Can do For an Enjoyable Slow Travel Lifestyle in Bali

These days, there are many ways for us to begin a sustainable journey. One of them is by starting a slow travel lifestyle. What is slow travel? If any of you are still unfamiliar with this way of traveling, it simply means traveling around a new place slowly by reducing mobility and giving oneself more time to delve deeper into the local culture. Slow travel is perfect for digital nomads, as such a way of traveling emphasizes wandering around and finding new exciting things to enjoy. And if you would like to start traveling slowly, Bali can be the best place for you to do it because there is so much to explore on the island. Just check out our guide below to give yourself an enjoyable yet productive slow travel on The Island of Gods!


1. Build deeper connections with the local community


Giving more time to delve deeper into local culture means building a meaningful and beneficial connection with the local community. Visiting a destination just for fun is fine, but it would be better if you can support the locals in any way. You can help their business grow by buying locally-made souvenirs. Get some cultural insights from the locals as you visit your chosen destination. Get to know about the history and meaning of certain heritage and traditions of the island. Oftentimes, there's a local wisdom you can gain from these insights that could help you become a better person. Don’t forget to also show your respect for the locals. Avoid littering and make sure to always comply with the rules, especially in a sacred place.


2. Settle yourself in co-living facilities 


With so much time available in your hands, it’s only right for you to take this advantage to meet new people from different backgrounds. As Bali has become a hub for people worldwide, chances are you can find fellow digital nomads who are also looking to spend a long time staying on the island. Here, there are numerous cool co-working spaces where you can mingle with digital nomads from around the world. Not only can you have the chance to meet people from varying cultures, but you can also work in a convenient as well as comfortable environment. What’s more exciting, these co-working spaces are also strategically located, making it easier for you to discover a wide array of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, leisure spots, and many more.


3. Commit to a balance productivity 


The advantages you get from working on slow travel might be amazing, but you still have to remember your goals. So as you explore the wonders of Bali, make sure to keep your productivity level high at all times. Give yourself a pleasant workation at many deluxe resorts available around the island. Pick which locations you prefer, whether it’s between the lush forest and vast rice fields of Ubud or along the picturesque beaches surrounding South Kuta. If you’re the type of person who works better with a warm cup of coffee and good snacks, then coffee shops are available for you to visit in almost every area of the island. Sometimes, a change of settings is all you need to kick up some productivity.


4. Support sustainable travel 


A long, slow travel plan would not be complete without practicing sustainable efforts. All the free time you get from slow travel allows you to rethink about the ways on how you can be a more responsible tourist. Start by educating yourself about the island’s natural abundance and conservation areas. In the southeast of Denpasar, you can find a turtle conservation center where you can raise your awareness about endangered turtles. Consider traveling around the island with less carbon footprint. Take your bike or rent one to explore a myriad of wonders in Bali. Indulge yourself in the lovely natural view as you go on your cycling adventure. Choose freshly-picked local ingredients rather than frozen imported ingredients to support the locals and save the environment at the same time. Visit traditional markets more often, and start learning about how to prepare local delicacies.


So, are you ready to experience a sensational slow travel? Do also check out more valuable sustainable ideas worth trying if you’re looking forward to exploring the rest of Indonesia!  Remember, if you have arrived in Bali, make sure to always comply with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Wear your mask, keep your distance from others, and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly. Follow our social media accounts on Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, TikTok @wonderfulid, and subscribe to our Youtube channel at Wonderful Indonesia to find out many more amazing trip ideas as well as spectacular destinations!