3 Vacation Spots With Campervans in Yogyakarta


School holidays are the best time for family road trips, especially for those with children. They are great times to explore beautiful and adventurous destinations. It's also hype nowadays to have road trips with campervans! The charming vehicle brings many advantages with it. First and foremost, it frees you from staying at inns or hotels to rest, as it's designed or modified to become a comfortable, home-away-from-home nest for you. Campervans also commonly come with a complete set of facilities such as sleeping space and amenities, all the way to mini kitchens and cooking utensils.

One of the great destinations you can explore with a campervan is Yogyakarta. Let’s, check out for more!

1. Sermo Dam

Sermo Dam is a man-made water reservoir that is well known for being surrounded with beautiful nature. The site has a calm atmosphere, as its wide expanse of lake is encircled with green hills. You can chill while camping on the edge of the dam.

Located in Sermo Lor village, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta Province, the dam can be reached within 90 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta in a campervan ride. Getting into the dam requires a fairly cheap fare. An entrance ticket to the dam is US 33 cents per person, a ticket to the camping area is USD 1 per person.


2. Watu Mabur Cliff

You're not reading it wrong. Yes, this enchanting place is correctly right at the edge of a cliff! But don't worry, this site is safe. Here, spoil your eyes with the views of the winding Oya River and beautiful rice terraces. In the evening, be mesmerized by the beautiful night sky while sipping a cup of hot tea with your loved ones.

The Watu Mabur Cliff is located in Mangunan village, Dlingo, Bantul Regency. If you departs from downtown Yogyakarta, it will cover a distance of 24 kilometers or an hour’s drive.

3. Watu Kodok Beach

Welcome to the mesmerizing Watu Kodok Beach, a hidden gem in Gunung Kidul Regency, located just 60 kilometers from the vibrant city of Yogyakarta. This beach, named after the two cliffs resembling frogs on its west and east sides, offers a delightful experience for tourists seeking a memorable camping adventure with their families.

Watu Kodok Beach boasts a spacious coastline adorned with pristine white sand, inviting you to set up camp and create unforgettable memories. The beach's tranquil waters and gentle waves make it a safe haven for families, particularly those with children who can frolic and play in the refreshing sea. As you enjoy the water, you'll be delighted by the presence of fir shrimp and sea pandanus trees, creating a cool and serene atmosphere that adds to the beach's allure.

Conveniently located in Kelor Kidul village, Kemadang, Tanjungsari, this picturesque beach can be reached within approximately two hours from Yogyakarta's city center. The journey itself offers a scenic drive through the stunning landscapes of Gunung Kidul Regency, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

4. Candi Prambanan

Get set for a truly unique and immersive experience at Prambanan Temple, one of Indonesia's most magnificent cultural landmarks. You can now get up close to Prambanan Temple by camping on campervans in the designated temple area.

For an even more memorable experience, if you camp at Prambanan Temple on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, you'll have the chance to watch the well-known Prambanan Ramayana Ballet live performance. This captivating performance combines graceful dance movements and dramatic storytelling of the epic Ramayana tale. Be mesmerized by the enchanting choreography, vibrant costumes, and evocative music, all against the backdrop of the majestic Prambanan Temple. 

If you still have time, don't miss the nearby Borobudur Temple in Magelang City. This magnificent Buddhist temple, known for its intricate carvings and panoramic views, offers another extraordinary cultural experience. Discover the spiritual ambiance of Borobudur as you wander through its elaborate corridors and admire the intricate stone reliefs that tell stories from Buddhist teachings.

Don't have a campervan? No worries. These rental campervan providers have just the right vans for you.

1. Jogja Camper Van

Jogja Camper Van is one of the most popular campervan rental providers in Yogyakarta. They offer various additional facilities, including camping equipment and dinner options. If you prefer to drive yourself, they also provide campervan rentals without a driver. 

They have selected beautiful camping locations such as Sermo Reservoir, Watu Mabur, Watu Kodok Beach, and Klangon Hill. You can visit their location at Jalan Sengkan No. 30 Kaliurang or call +6281226081188 to rent a campervan and make your reservations.

2. Nuvantara

Nuvantara is another well-known campervan rental service in Yogyakarta. They offer camping packages with their VW Combi Nuvantara vans starting at approximately USD 27 per person. 


What sets them apart is that you have the flexibility to choose your destination if you prefer not to spend the night at the van, or you can opt for their pre-arranged camping packages. You can begin your journey from the Nuvantara office located at Jalan Ring Road Utara number 77 Sleman or call +6281229101954 for more information and bookings.

So, whether you choose Jogja Camper Van or Nuvantara, you're in for an exciting road trip adventure with your family in Yogyakarta. Don't miss out on including this fantastic activity in your upcoming vacation plans. For more interesting holiday inspiration, be sure to follow our Instagram account @wonderfulindonesia. Happy holidays and have a wonderful trip!