3 Destinations in Indonesia for International Jazz Festival Lovers

We know that aside from traveling, most of you might be a fan of music festivals. Luckily, Indonesia has three destinations that are known for the gleeful and exquisite international jazz festivals. In light of International Jazz Day on April 30th, let us recommend you the destinations with the best jazz festivals in Indonesia.


1. Jakarta - Java Jazz Festival 

If you fancy a spectacular annual jazz festival, look no further than the capital city. Being the busiest city in the country, Jakarta is also blessed with historic monuments to admire such as Fatahillah Museum, National Monument (Monas), Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, and many others. It’s also a perfect town for those who fancy cityscaping among the tall skyscrapers of Sudirman - Thamrin streets or simply just stroll around the main streets and look for some small hawkers. We recommend you to try kerak telor, soto Betawi, and ketoprak for starters.

Every year, Jakarta always celebrates the international jazz day with a grand event called International Java Jazz Festival. This annual music event is being organized by Java Festival Production and has successfully brought critically acclaimed international jazz musicians like George Benson, Chicago, Pat Metheny, Incognito, and many others.

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2. Yogyakarta - Prambanan Jazz 


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A good alternative for a less-crowded but nevertheless festive jazz music event is the Prambanan Jazz Festival in Yogyakarta. The city radiates an extraordinary charm from its historical urban design and cultural tradition that is still well-preserved until now. Roam around the area of The Royal Palace of Keraton and admire the aesthetic to get a grasp of Java in its glorious past. Enjoy an evening stroll in Alun-Alun or Malioboro and see the city filled with lights, music, and good vibes all the way. Don’t miss the traditional taste of gudeg. Almost every restaurant in Yogyakarta serves it, so grab it while you are there.

Talking about the music event, Prambanan Jazz festival has been held since 2014 and never fails to feature many talented local musicians such as Tulus, Ardhito Pramono, Nadin Amizah, and many others. Furthermore, the festival is always held in Prambanan Temple Complex. It would be such a great experience to see the breathtaking performance of jazz musicians with the picturesque historical temple as the background.

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3. Mount Bromo - Jazz Gunung 

Another extraordinary way to enjoy a music festival is there in Mount Bromo. Yes, Jazz Gunung is an international jazz festival held above the highland. Being a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Mount Bromo itself has been famous for having an otherworldly landscape. Get around the area by riding a jeep and feel the adventurous sensation of a journey on the highland desert. Since the majority of Tengger people are Hindu, there are also a number of temples there, such as Kidal Temple, Luhur Poten Temple, Mandara Giri Semeru Agung Temple, and Jago Temple where you can marvel at their historical significance.

For 10 years, this festival has been held annually by presenting renowned local and international performers like Gugun Blues Shelter, Shadow Puppets, and many others. Experience the cool breeze and witness the stunning look of nature as you watch the eclectic performance of your favorite jazz musicians.

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Jazz, nature, showmanship, music festival; Indonesia definitely is a country who knows how to have fun. If you’re planning to experience one of these festivals in the near future, we recommend you to stay updated with the latest international travel regulation and keep practicing healthy habits such as washing hands frequently, implementing social distancing, and wearing a mask in public places. Follow our social media channels in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia.