5 Work-friendly Coffee Shops In Jakarta To Boost Your Productivity


As the ground zero for the third wave coffee movement in Indonesia, finding freshly brewed, quality coffee in Jakarta is not exactly a demanding task. Amidst the domineering presence of major coffee chains such as Starbucks, there’s plenty of smaller coffeehouses bringing the best out of locally-grown coffee beans.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill your caffeine fix or you’re simply looking for a place to work, these modern coffeehouses in Jakarta and their artisanal coffees are always worthy of a visit.

1. Chief Coffee, Radio Dalam

While Chief Coffee’s unorthodox origin as a barbershop might raise some eyebrows, the quality of coffee on offer is always superb. They first started offering coffee for patrons waiting for their turn with one of Chief’s barbers but it’s a testament to how good their coffee is that they’re now known as one of the best places to get coffee in Jakarta.

Their Cinnamon Cream Lotus Biscuit, a hearty blend of espresso and caramel topped off with whipped cream, cinnamon, and Lotus Biscoff, is especially delightful.

They’ve since expanded to several locations in the capital but it’s the one in Radio Dalam you’d want to drop by. It’s the newest Chief Coffee branch and it offers a cozy atmosphere for you to work or hangout with friends.

2. Kroma, Dharmawangsa

5 Work-friendly Coffee Shops In Jakarta To Boost Your Productivity
Image by kroma.id

With its combination of sparse decor and spacious dining area, Kroma’s minimalistic ambiance has long been a favorite of locals looking to get some work done on the weekends. The coffee shop’s small, yet lovely, outdoor section is also imbued with touches of greenery that can only do wonders for your productivity.

Despite its location in the rather upscale neighborhood of Dharmawangsa, Kroma’s prices actually fall on the more reasonable end of artisanal coffee shops in Jakarta. Their specialty, the coffee-cocoa-hazelnut mix Kokonut, is a crowd favorite and can also be ordered in 1 litre bottle for you to take home.

3. Harlan + Holden Because Coffee

5 Work-friendly Coffee Shops In Jakarta To Boost Your Productivity
Image by harlanholden.coffee

An extension of the fashion brand Harlan + Holden, Because Coffee shares much of its timeless, modern minimalist aesthetic with its parent company. The space is as tastefully designed as the items sold on the boutique next door and the coffee shop’s stadium-style seats, laid out haphazardly but in an artful way, is the perfect place to take in the ambiance.

Aside from the Instagram-worthy looks, Because Coffee also serves one of the most unique coffees in Jakarta through their specialty, the Sea Salt Latte. The sea salt cream topping adds in a nice salty undertone and creamy texture that helps balance the coffee and for the health-conscious, almond milk is also available as an option.

Nestled deep within the Pacific Place shopping mall in downtown Jakarta, the coffee shop is merely minutes away from the Gelora Bung Karno sport complex, one of Jakarta’s most iconic spots and the official venue of the 2018 Asian Games.

4. Kopi Muja, Gandaria

5 Work-friendly Coffee Shops In Jakarta To Boost Your Productivity
Image by kopimuja

With a name that literally translates to ‘Coffee Worship’, Kopi Muja’s dedication to perfecting the art of coffee brewing is second to none. The coffee shop’s unassuming modern industrial decor stems from Muja’s philosophy on keeping it simple and to shine the spotlight on the coffee itself.

While there’s the usual smattering of espresso-based drinks, the star of the show here is undoubtedly the Everglow. A fruity mix of espresso and strawberry syrup topped off with soda, this concoction is sure to jolt you awake even more than your usual caffeine fix.

Thanks to the presence of an actual meeting room on the premises, this South Jakarta coffee shop could also double as a coworking space if you’re in a pinch.

5. Emji Coffee Bar & Space, Kuningan

The one group of people who could properly appreciate Jakarta’s coffee shops as much as the city’s coffee aficionados are freelancers in need of a working space. Emji Coffee Bar & Space decides to do one better by housing an actual coworking space right next to its coffee shop, giving nomadic remote workers their own space in addition to Emji’s quality coffee.

The signature drink here is the Black Waterfall Spro, which earns its name and its unique color from the addition of charcoal powder. Despite its rather dramatic appearance, this charcoal latte actually has a rather subtle flavor with the charcoal mostly there to add a powdery texture to the drink.

Whether you prefer manual brews or espressos, you never have to look far to find quality coffee in Jakarta. For remote workers looking for a change of pace after months of working from home, these coffee shops also offer you a comfortable space to work from in addition to supplying you with your daily caffeine fix.