18 Sports and Venues You Need To Know in The Asian Para Games 2018!


With the upcoming Asian Para Games 2018 just around the corner, you will certainly need to know the sports and also the venues used for the event! Do not fret, you can check out the full list below:

1 | An Exciting Game of Archery at GBK’s Archery Field

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Located in the heart of Jakarta, Gelora Bung Karno Sporting Complex holds a lot of sports matches for various events. One of them is Asian Para Games 2018’s archery matches which are held in the specially made archery area called the Archery Field. Don’t miss the games, grab a seat!

2 | The Most Awaited Game of Para Athletics at GBK Main Stadium

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The well-known Main Stadium of Gelora Bung Karno is perfect for one of the main sports matches for Asian Para Games 2018 which is Para Athletics. This is due to the game’s nature which attracts many spectators with their wide range of competition and events which are open to all. Don’t regret not being able to watch this live with tickets selling fast, grab yours now!

3 | Boost Your Adrenaline with A Game of Badminton at Istora Stadium

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As a very popular sport in Asia, the badminton matches in Asian Para Games 2018 is expected to have loads of audiences. Thus, the best place to hold this game is GBK’s Istora Stadium, which has a capacity for thousands of spectators! Mark your calendar because you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

4 | Enjoy a Game of Boccia at Tanjung Priok Sports Hall

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Accuracy and strategy are essential for a game of Boccia and Tanjung Priok Sports Hall offers a nice smooth surface appropriate for the needs of the game as well as eases and comfort for the athletes. Cheer on your favorite athletes and have a great time!

5 | Curious with Asian Para Games 2018’s game of chess? Visit Cempaka Putih Sports Hall!

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Don’t miss the newly introduced sport in Para Asian Games 2018, chess, the perfect balance of strategy and focus. Expecting many curious spectators, Cempaka Putih Sports Hall is a great location for a nice game of chess. Especially since it is also located in the heart of Jakarta and not far from GBK, therefore, it is easy to access. What are you waiting for? Squeeze it into your schedule and enjoy!

6 | Feed your Need for Speed with Para-Cycling in Jakarta and Sentul

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Here it is, one of the most awaited games of the Asian Para Games 2018, Para-Cycling! Feel the spirit and adrenaline as soon as you enter the huge area of Jakarta International Velodrome completed with cycling tracks for a great game. For the road race, para-cycling is held outside of Jakarta, in Sentul International Circuit, West Java. Not something to be missed, book a ticket to both areas for an unforgettable experience.

7 | Cheer on Your Favorite Team of Goalball at Balai Kartini

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One of the oldest games in para-sports is Goalball, designed especially for the visually impaired. This game of accuracy is an exciting game you certainly would not want to miss. Held in South Jakarta’s Balai Kartini with enough capacity for spectators like you to cheer on your favorite team!

8 | Feel the Spirit of the Crowd by Watching Judo at JIEXPO Grand Ballroom

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Who doesn’t like the spirit of cheering spectators for a sport like Judo? Well, you are in luck because a great game of Judo is held right here in the heart of Jakarta. Don’t miss the only martial arts game in Asian Para Games 2018, guaranteed to keep you standing up to cheer. Experience the adrenaline and be a part of the bellowing audience right here in Central Jakarta’s JIEXPO!

9 | Lawn Bowls at Hockey Field

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Lawn Bowls is a low impact and precise sport that is specially designed for people with physical disabilities. Introduced back in the 1984 Paralympics then dropped in 2000, lawn bowls is now back again in Asian Para Games 2018. Support your favorite team, feel the spirit of the crowd and be a part of history right here in Gelora Bung Karno’s hockey field!

10 | Para Powerlifting at Balai Sudirman

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Formerly known as “weightlifting”, this Paralympic sport was first implemented at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 1964. This sport was then changed to only feature “powerlifting” instead of “weightlifting” at Barcelona Games in 1992. Now, you can witness the upper-body strength performance of the inspirational Para Powerlifting athletes from all over Asia in Asian Para Games 2018 at Balai Sudirman, a magnificent venue which commonly used for a wedding ceremony and reception.

11 | Para-Swimming at Aquatic Center

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As one of the eight sports that were implemented at the first Paralympic Games in 1960 in Rome, Italy, Para-Swimming is going to be held at Aquatic Center in Gelora Bung Karno. The athletes will compete against each other in a swimming match that tests their abilities in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, backstroke, and medley events. The match will be held at Aquatic Center, Gelora Bung Karno.

12 | Shooting Parasport at Senayan Shooting Range

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Seeking a long-range thrill for your roller-coaster vacation? Come to Senayan Shooting Range at Asian Para Games 2018 and watch as all the Asian Shooting Para-Sport athletes test their wits, focus, and stability to deliver a sequence of heart-pounding shots that will make your blood rushing from distances of 10m, 25m, and 50m.

13 | Sitting Volleyball at Tennis Indoor stadium

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Adding a few twists to its original stand-up version, Sitting Volleyball is a kind of team sport that demonstrates constant motion, communication, and energetic spirits. The main difference is, as the name implies, the players must be in a sitting position at all times. Watch Sitting Volleyball at Tennis Indoor Stadium, Gelora Bung Karno and feel the burst of its sparkling energy.

14 | Bowling at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center

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Being commonly practiced as a leisure activity, Bowling will be held as one of the sport in Asian Para Games 2018. This game will be completed at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center. Come and watch as the athletes perform their outstanding agility and accuracy!

15 | Table Tennis at Ecovention Center

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Popularly known as Ping-Pong, this portable-version of Tennis will be held at Ecovention Center, Ancol. Bring your friends and families to be the eyewitness of this playful yet electrifying match and also enjoy the holiday vibes of Ancol, Jakarta’s largest and most popular recreation park.

16 | Wheelchair Basketball at Basketball Hall

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Firstly introduced around 1946 in the USA, this sport was developed by the veterans who were injured post-WWII and still want to play the game they always played before the war. Having just slightly different rules from its original version, this sport will be held at Basketball Hall, Gelora Bung Karno, which was also used for the Asian Games 2018 Basketball matches.

17 | Wheelchair Fencing at Popki Sports Hall Cibubur

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Sir Ludwig Guttmann, an English neurosurgeon, was the first one who adapted fencing game into Wheelchair Fencing so it can be played by athletes with amputations, spinal-cord injuries, and cerebral palsy. This game, which looks similar to sword fight, will also be competed as one of the sports in Asian Para Games 2018 and will be held at POPKI Sports Hall Cibubur.

18 | Wheelchair Tennis at Klub Kelapa Gading

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Emerged in 1976, developed in the early 1980s, and made its first debut at the Barcelona 1992 Paralympics, Wheelchair Tennis is now the worldwide fastest-growing wheelchair sports and will also be one of the highlights at the Asian Para Games 2018. Come to Klub Kelapa Gading to witness this sophisticated match and don’t miss out the excitements!


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