10 Places near Yogyakarta Airport that Deserve Your Attention


Yogyakarta is known for its majestic mountainous views and also its beautiful beaches. So many things to check out but so little time? Check out these 10 stunning places you can visit around the Yogyakarta International Airport.

1. Glagah Beach

Beautiful in its very own way, Glagah Beach is known for its black sandy beach and also the hundreds of tetrapods lining along the West side of the beach. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore is truly a great sound. However, if the waves are too intimidating for those of you bringing young children, you can enjoy the vast lagoon nearby.

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You can also rent motorboats to take you around the lagoon and enjoy the pool that they have. There are also bicycles, ATVs and canoes for you to rent and have fun with your loved ones.

2. Sermo Reservoir

In the middle of the majestic aura of the Menoreh mountains, the quiet Sermo Reservoir is truly a heavenly oasis. This tourist attraction offers you to explore every part of the artificial lake with motorboats that’ll take you around. Up for a more relaxing trip? Then chill and enjoy the warm breeze of Yogyakarta, as you sit front row to watch the beautiful sun setting and disappearing behind the hills.

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3. Kalibiru

Just below the clouds and perched on 450 meters above sea level on the hills of Menoreh is Kalibiru, the pioneer of viewing deck trends in Yogyakarta. Just a few minutes drive up Jalan Waduk Sermo from the airport, this heart-shaped viewing deck is perfect to look at the beautiful lush forests of Yogyakarta.

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4. Gunung Gajah Cliff

Another beautiful viewing deck in Yogyakarta is the Gunung Gajah Cliff in Kokap Kulon Progo. This attraction newly opened last year and is up high at a whopping 900 meters above sea level. Here you can take a picture sitting on a crescent moon with a beautiful and fresh green view. 

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Image by iyo_purnomo

Not only that, but Gunung Gajah Cliff also offers a few outbound activities like the flying fox and treetop walks. The entrance to this attraction only costs Rp5,000 and the activities range from Rp15,000 - 50,000.

5. Puncak Suroloyo

With a height of 1019 meters above sea level, Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of Menoreh Mountains. The most unique thing about it is that we can telescope the Borobudur Temple as its surrounded by Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu and Merapi.

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Image by andi_prasetyooo

The entrance ticket will only cost you Rp5,000 to see this wonderful view. The climb might be a bit challenging and adventurous but the stunning view you get to see makes it well worth it.

6. Mangrove Kadilangu

Feel like you’re in a whole different world at Mangrove Kadilangu at Kulon Progo. You’ll be crossing across bamboo bridges that lead to one photo spot to another.
This all is surrounded by mangroves and you’re right above the water. Other than enjoying the natural beauty of these mangroves by walking, you can also go through them by renting a boat. All this for just Rp5,000!

7. Kiskendo Cave

The long curvy path of this beautiful cave is decorated with stalactites and the carvings of reliefs from the legend of the Ramayana. Kept in good condition, the reliefs tell the story of the fight of Rama and Rahwana who wanted to claim over Dewi Shinta.

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The cave is quiet and has a cool temperature, just the right situation to explore each part of the cave.

8. Kedung Pedut

Kedung Pedut itself is actually a large turquoise-colored pond that was formed naturally. The water in this pond is a result of the Kedung Pedut Waterfall.

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The stunning color is a result of the crystal clear waters from the waterfall influenced by the rocks in the river bed. Here you can enjoy the fresh natural environment or even swim in the pond!

9. Sentolo Craft

A sub-district in Kulon Progo named Sentolo is heaven for those in love with the craft. The knitted bags sold here are super affordable yet every single bag is unique in their own way because it’s hand made. The quality of the bags is also not to be doubted. The crafts are usually made out of agel, pandan and water hyacinth with modern designs. Bring a part of Yogyakarta back home with you!

10. Glamping De'Loano

A part of nomadic tourism, you can camp glamorously at De’Loano at Sedayu Village. This glamping adventure offers 10 exclusive tents that you can rent out and also 1 tent for prayers.

It is also super close to the Borobudur Temple so you can easily plan your trip there after a night stays at the wonderful tents. 

Now you have a list of interesting places you can visit in Yogyakarta - from the most adventurous to the most relaxing places you can think of. Pick your favorites, book a flight and Yogyakarta awaits you!