10 Dreamy Places in Labuan Bajo Helping You Escape Reality


As the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park, the home of the famous Komodo Dragon, Labuan Bajo, the once small fishing site has flourished into a favorite holiday destination amongst locals and foreign tourists. These nine heavenly spots in Labuan Bajo could be your gateway to peace and serenity and an escape from the chaotic city life.

1. Sudamala Resort

Around 10 kilometers north of Labuan Bajo, resides Sudamala Resort, in the small island of Seraya-Flores. This attractive tranquil sanctuary with white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and dynamic underwater life is perfect for your digital free escapade and getting in touch with nature’s finest wonders.

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Sudamala Resort’s exquisite beach bungalows with alang-alang thatched roofs offer understated luxury in the sublime setting of Little Seraya Island.  To explore more elaborate details of Sudamala Resort, Seraya, visit: https://www.sudamalaresorts.com/seraya/

2. Le Pirate Boatel

Just 10 minutes from Labuan Bajo, discover a new concept of leisure at Le Pirate Boatel. This combo of hotels has a concept of boats with 10 waterfront cabins fitted with a private deck, hammock and swim ladder.

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The Boatel also features its own BBQ restaurant, bar, and a sun deck where you could enjoy some refreshing cocktails while savoring the charming view of Labuan Bajo’s beach activities. More on the uniqueness of this floating haven visit: https://lepirate.com/boatel/

3. Le Pirate Island

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life at the blissful Le Pirate Island. Only one hour from the heart of Labuan Bajo, leave all the formalities of modern-day technologies, kick back relax and get in tune with nature and the carefree island life.

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At Le Pirate Island, experience life like an islander. Step out of the beach hut, dive into the translucent waters and enjoy the vibrant sea life, sleep under the stars, and breath in the peace and calmness of the natural surroundings. Ready to embark on your very own digital detox? Get more details about Le Pirate Island at https://lepirate.com/island/

4. Seaesta Komodo

A mere five-minute walk from the main town of Labuan Bajo, Saesta Komodo is a brand new boutique with the perfect ocean view overlooking the Flores Sea and the Komodo National Park.

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With a tagline that perfectly sums up what Saesta Komodo has to offer: “Eat – Dive – Drink – Sleep”. Equipped with indulging accommodations, international bar & restaurant as well as a lagoon-style pool all upon a large rooftop; unwind and enjoy carefree days away from the day-to-day robotic routine of modern life. More on Saesta Komodo, go to https://seaestakomodo.com/

5. Mohini Resort

Breathtaking scenic beauty and landscapes are what awaits you at the Mohini Komodo Resort. Located in Waecici district, north of Labuan Bajo, around 15 minutes from the Komodo National Airport and the port to Komodo National Park. 

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Experience the authentic Indonesian hospitality in this resort with nine villas, complete with a majestic pool, beautiful lush gardens and a restaurant serving both local and international cuisine. Find out the meaning of Mohini that is derived from Hindu Mythology and all the uniqueness it has to offer at http://www.mohinikomodo.com/

6. Selini On The Hill Villa

Around 1.8 kilometers from Labuan Bajo Port, located in West Manggarai District, you will find Selini on The Hill Villa. Overlooking the ocean from the hills, the wooden dominated furnished villas are well fitted for your “digital detox” vacation.

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Go island hopping at nearby islands and of course the most intriguing island of all in Flores, the Padar and Rinca Island, both home to the Komodo National Park.

7. The Seraya Boutique Island Resort

Around 45 minutes north of the Labuan Bajo town, at Little Seraya Island (Pulau Seraya Kecil), resides The Seraya-Boutique Island Resort. Established in 2017, it offers a luxurious resort experience where you can enjoy peaceful island life and a digital free getaway.

With the beauty of Komodo National Park as the backdrop, the resort is equipped with three types of spacious private bungalows: beachfront bungalows, canopy sea view bungalows, and hillside garden bungalows. Learn more about fun island activities at Seraya Boutique Island Resort at https://www.theseraya.com/

8. Ayana Komodo Resort

Residing on the strikingly gorgeous Waecicu Beach, Ayana Komodo Resort is the first and only 5-star resort in Labuan Bajo. The resort features 13 suites and 192 premium guest rooms. Each contemporary room features an unblemished ocean view alongside a pristine white sandy beach.

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Those who adore the blue ocean, might also embark on a cruise with the Ayana Lako di’a sailboat and visit the Komodo National Park’s A list destination spots. Get more details on other luxurious offerings from the Ayana Komodo Resort, visit: https://www.ayana.com/

9. Plataran Komodo Resort

Another Wacicu Beach luxurious resort is the Plataran Komodo Resort. This true tropical haven is the perfect blend of luxurious comfort with a dominant touch of Javanese style interior design.

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Experience fine dining enriched with the natural beautiful ambiance of ocean waves and the island’s serenity. Go on a water adventure to see the amazing marine life, or hop aboard one of the Plataran private cruises for some exciting island-hopping excursions with the view of Komodo National Park serving as the backdrop. More on the alluring Plataran Komodo Resort accommodations go to https://www.plataran.com/hotels-resorts/plataran-komodo

10. Dorme Tree

For backpackers visiting Labuan Bajo, Dorme Tree Hostel is a great alternative place to stay. The location is convenient as it is within walking distance from the airport, downtown and also the harbor.

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With a hip design, this place offers cozy dormitories and of course, free WIFI. Dorme Tree proves to be quite affordable and suitable for those who seek simplicity. Learn more about how Dorme Tree may be perfect for your next holiday by visiting www.dormetree.com

Known also as “The city of Sunset”, Labuan Bajo grew more and more appealing each year with an abundance of resorts and boutique hotels that best suits your ideal holiday escapade. Which one is more preferable to your pleasure? See you at Labuan Bajo!