‘Wonderful Indonesia’ Wins Best Booth at Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show


Presenting the adrenaline pumping adventure opportunities available across the Indonesian Archipelago, the Wonderful Indonesia Booth of the Ministry of Tourism succeeded to win the award for Best Booth at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show (LATAS) that took place from 27th to 28th February 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Hall, Los Angeles, California, USA.

“We highlighted Indonesia’s diverse wildlife adventures, peoples and cultures , and culinary attractions by showcasing traditional dances, traditional beverages, as well as traditional food from across the archipelago” said Head of Promotion for America and Africa of the Ministry of Tourism, Ricky Fauziyani who led the Wonderful Indonesia team .

Aimed to introduce and promote Indonesia’s many thrilling adventure opportunities, hiking up steaming volcanoes, caving, white water rafting, cultural attractions and visits to rare wildlife conservation areas, the Ministry of Tourism in tandem with 8 Indonesian tourist businesses participated at LATAS 2016

Beside discussions with the travel industry , Director of Floresa Bali Tours, Paul Edmundus Talo, representing the Indonesia team, was also speaker in the seminar which carried the theme: Destinations.

Indonesia’s art and culture was also highlighted on the main stage with performances of Banyuwangi’s Gandrung Dance and the Bajidor Kahot Serta. Cooking Demonstrations were also given on how to prepare yummy Indonesian dishes such as the Rujak Mercon fruit salad in hot chili sauce and Kunyit Secawan.

Source: antaranews.com