Wonderful Indonesia Festival Lights up New Orleans, USA


Presenting the extraordinary wonders of Indonesia, the Wonderful Indonesia Festival will light up the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA from 29th to 30th April 2016. Organized by the Indonesian Diaspora Network USA (IDN-USA) in collaboration with the Indonesian Diaspora Business Council (IDBC) and IDN Louisiana Chapter, the festival is centered in downtown New Orleans at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel and the Riverwalk’s Spanish Plaza.

Setting its stage in the birthplace of Jazz, the festival presents as special highlight the “Jamming” Music Show featuring most talented Indonesian musicians currently residing in the US including the legendary Pop-Rock Diva Atiek CB, Rey Wowor, Shakila, Anto & Diar, and 4for6 Band. Also performing from Indonesia is top Band Gugun Blues Shelter who has also attained reputation on the international music scene.

For those craving for authentic, mouthwatering flavors of Indonesia, there will be an Indonesian Culinary Fiesta. Featuring Indonesia’s top chef,  maestro William Wongso, the “Culinary Parade” will be highlighted with an elaborate array of  Indonesia’s  authentic street food and yummy traditional snacks. To keep its authenticity, actual “gerobaks” or food carts have been shipped from Jakarta all the way to New Orleans, especially for the event. Showcasing some of the best features of the Indonesian archipelago, the event will also have a Trade, Investment, and Tourism Expo.

Fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and The Embassy of Indonesia in the USA, the festival will be complemented with more serious and two-way dialogue sessions to include: the Indonesia-USA National Meeting, the Indonesia Dual Citizenship Meeting, IDBC-Biz to Biz Meeting, and an IDBC-Trade, Investment, and Tourism Conference.

One full week before the festival an Indonesian Promotion program (in Trade, Investment, Tourism, and Cuisine) will  be held in cooperation with the Southern Food and Beverages (SoFAB). The Festival aims to reach mainstream America, and targeting also the thousands of visitors who will throng to New Orleans to attend the annual Jazz Fest, celebrated as the largest in the world.

For more Information log on to:  www.wonderfulindonesiafestival.org