Visa and Stay Permit Requirement for Foreign Nationals in Society’s New Customs


In relation to the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 26/2020 on the Visas and Stay Permits During the New Normal Period, the Directorate General of Immigration has revised the regulations on Visas and Stay Permits for foreign nationals currently residing in Indonesia or planning to enter Indonesia during the new normal period.

Foreign nationals holding a visa and/or stay permit are able to enter the territory of Indonesia through designated Immigration Border Controls after undergoing health protocol procedures. The visa and/or residence permit includes the following: Official Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Visitor Visa, Temporary Stay Visa, Official Stay Permit, Diplomatic Stay Permit, Temporary Stay Permit, and Permanent Stay Permit.

Crew members arriving by their means of transportations, medical, food, and humanitarian aid workers, foreign nationals who work at vital strategic projects, vital national objects, and national strategic projects are also able to enter Indonesia. Holders of APEC (The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Business Travel Card and Special Permit from an Indonesian Ministry/ Agency are permitted to enter Indonesia as well. In addition, traditional Border Crossers are also permitted to enter the country.

From the official social media account of the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia, shown here, regulations on Visa and Stay Permits during new normal have been updated.

Foreign nationals, who plan to apply for Visitor Visa, are able to proceed with their Visa Application if they are entering Indonesia for the following reasons:

1. Doing emergency and urgent-based jobs.

2. Doing vital business meetings.

3. Doing product purchasing.

4. Doing probationary period for expats.

5. Joining transportation carriers in Indonesia.

Temporary Stay Visas are given to foreign nationals entering Indonesia for the following reasons: 1) For essential business trips, and 2) for non-business trips. Those applying for Temporary Stay Visas for business related reasons are given to foreign nationals who are:

1. Expert work forces.

2. Joined to work on ships, vessels, or other installations operated in the maritime of Indonesia, territorial seas, continental shelf, and Exclusive Economic Zones of Indonesia.

3. Controlling quality of goods or production.

4. Inspecting or auditing branch companies located in Indonesia.

5. Working with an after sales service.

6. Installing and repairing machines.

7. Doing non-permanent work in the field of construction.

8. Doing probationary period for expat candidates

Those applying for Temporary Stay Visas for non-business related reasons are given to foreign nationals who are:

1. Doing foreign investments.

2. Doing family reunification.

3. Elderly foreign tourists.

Until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over by the relevant ministries/agencies, the issuance of Visa Waiver and Visa on Arrival are suspended.

Foreign nationals who plan to apply for these Visitor Visa or Temporary Stay Visa should attach their application letter addressed to the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia through visa@imigrasi.go.id. Foreign nationals should attach the following documents in the email:

1. Identity of sponsor.

2. Identity of the foreign national.

3. Email address of sponsor.

4. Identification number of sponsor.

5. Number of Visa Approval Application if the applicant had previously applied for a Visa.

Once approved by the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia, applicants will receive a token number, in which they will use to apply for a Visa Approval. This will be processed in the https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/info.xhtml .

Those obtaining a Temporary Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit and have been issued an Emergency Stay Permit can apply for an extension of their substantive Temporary Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit. However, those who are not able to extend their Stay Permit can process a new Stay Permit when they have successfully been issued a Visa Approval. Foreign nationals obtaining expired Stay Permits are subjected to apply for a new Visa to enter Indonesia. In addition, those who have extended their Visitor Stay Permit four times and do not exceed their stay to 180 days and those who have held Temporary Stay Permit, but are not eligible for Temporary Stay Permit extension are required for an onshore visa for a new stay permit. This is a change from the previous measures and regulations.

Foreign nationals requiring a Visitor Visa, a single-entry Visitor Visa, must also obtain a Visa Approval. Visitor Visas issued by the Director-General of Immigration are for the following purposes: Emergency and essential work, a business meeting; purchase of goods; a probationary period for foreign workers; a medical, food, and humanitarian aid worker; and a crewmember who joins the vessel in Indonesia.

To successfully apply for a Visitor Visa or Temporary Stay Visa, foreign nationals must obtain a Visa Approval from the Director-General of Immigration and must have a Sponsor. Visa Approval is processed online by completing the following requirements:

1. Obtaining a sponsor letter.

2. Completing foreign national’s passport biodata page.

3. Obtaining return tickets for entering/exiting Indonesian territory.

4. Presenting sufficient funds of US$10,000 of the sponsor to support the living expenses of the foreign national while staying in Indonesia.

5. Obtaining health certificates in English declaring a valid negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result for Covid-19 from an authorized authority from their home country.

6. Obtaining a declaration letter in English consenting to proceed to do mandatory self-isolation or undertake medical treatment at an accommodation or a designated health facility at the expense of the traveler, when they test positive for COVID-19, after they have proceeded in a PCR check upon arrival at ports of entry and/or if they show symptoms of the illness.

7. Obtaining a consent letter to be monitored during the quarantine or self-isolation in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.

8. Obtaining health insurance or travel insurance covering medical expenses and/or a declaration letter stating medical treatment is at their own expenses if contracted with COVID-19 during their stay in Indonesia.

Visa Approval for foreign nationals residing in Indonesia or planning to enter Indonesia must be applied online. From 13 October 2020, foreign nationals applying for an e-visa must complete advance payment in order to proceed with the application. Details and procedures of applying for an e-visa can be accessed at https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/info.xhtml. When successfully processed, all Visa documents will be sent to applicants and/or sponsor’s email. This limits any physical contact within applicants and immigration officers.

Due to the pandemic situation, the adjustment of regulations for visa and stay permit in Indonesia has come in order. Please visit this website https://www.imigrasi.go.id/ for further information.


The information found in this article is based on updates and conditions of when this article was written. It is in accordance with both the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 26/2020 on the Visas and Stay Permits During the New Normal Period and Circular Letter of Director-General of Imigration Number IMI-0661.GR.01.01 Tahun 2021.
Please refer to official websites and links found in this article for the latest updates and developments.