The Trip of Wonders Quiz 2016 has finally ended. And now, Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism (MOT Indonesia) has finally come up with the official winners of the quiz! These lucky winners will be able to relax on the beach, explore undersea treasures and even make new and exciting friends in one of the world’s best tropical paradises, Indonesia. The bonus? Winners will win a trip to Indonesia for not only one, but two people! So winners, decide whom you want to take on this exciting adventure.

Thank you to all those who participated in this quiz. If you did not win this year, MOT Indonesia will give you plenty of chances soon to win trips to Indonesia.

The Trip of Wonders Quiz 2016 was held by MOT Indonesia from August – October this year. The final winners are absolute according to the terms and conditions that apply to this Quiz. Indonesia will be hosting a thrilling adventure to lucky winners from continents across the globe.

Winners, we will be contacting you to give you further instructions about how to claim your prize. Can’t wait to see you soon!


List of winners:


Wilma Icera - wilmaicera1212@yahoo.com - Thailand

Sepsha Hermato djohnechavez@gmail.com - Malaysia

Aycah Domingo - aycha.yiik@yahoo.com - Thailand

Benny Choo - shchoo168@yahoo.com.my - Malaysia

Choo chau Fah - lisaoay@gmail.com - Malaysia

Wesley Choo - sh_1821@yahoo.com -  Malaysia

ma monica san jose - and1_titanic@loh.pp.ua - Philippines

Bong Lian Fah - vbonglf@hotmail.com - Malaysia

ma chin lee - abo1a@eml.pp.ua -  Philippines



Krishna Partani - kishanpartani@gmail.com - India

sagar mankar - mankarsagar831@gmail.com - India

Fiona Bettesworth - fiona_bettesworth@hotmail.com - Australia

Jinhee Lee - jinxixx@naver.com - South Korea

Sungeun Park - danielsepark@gmail.com - South Korea

Kate Reitzenstein - kreitzenstein@iinet.net.au - Australia

Taraa - tararon2001@gmail.com - India

Subhash Chander Kalonia - subhash.kalonia@gmail.com - India

Soraya Nicholls - sorayaklemenz@yahoo.com - Australia

Liza Saerang - lizasaerang@yahoo.com.au - Australia


Tania - taniass19800@gmail.com - South Africa


Sonja Sonskyn - sstreicher@zoology.up.ac.za - South Africa

Fernanda Rocha - fernanda_rochat@hotmail.com - Brazil

Elida Gonçalves - elidaferreiragoncalves@gmail.com - Brazil

Mym - backupfashions@outlook.com - South Africa

Rabi - rabiamoola1@gmail.com - South Africa

Johannes Anders - johann_es@gmx.de - Germany

Katharina Dorn - katha_dorn@web.de - Germany

Peter Kerkhof - peterkerkhof89@gmail.com - Netherland

Carmen Bauer - carmen.bauer@shaw.ca - Canada

Mahmoud mahmah_61@hotmail.com - Egypt

Hannah GoldbergMorse - hmorse14@cmc.edu - United States of America