Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Affirms: Indonesia remains safe

After the explosion at the Solo Police Office this morning, where the only casualty was the perpetrator himself, Indonesia's Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, affirms that, even while this is the peak season when millions of Indonesians are on the road to spend Eid with their families, Indonesia continues to be safe for domestic and international travellers and tourists alike.


President Joko Widodo from Padang in West Sumatra  urged all citizens to remain calm and continue to hold Eid prayers in peace, and not be afraid of terrorism although all must continue to remain on alert. Indonesia celebrates Eid on Wednesday, 6 July 2016.


Meanwhile, Mayor of Solo in Central Java, F.X. Hadi Rudiyatmo confirmed that the city remains calm and safe for all to celebrate Eid ul Fitri. All religious and other festivities will continue to be held as planned since security has been coordinated with the Military and the Police.


In the meantine, Indonesia's Chief of Police, General Badrodin Haiti explained to the press that in the morning of Tuesday, 5 July at 07.30am a sole motorcyclists tried to force his way into the premises of the Solo Police Headoffice, but was stopped by the guard. Hereupon he turned around and blew himself up immediately killing himself. Fortunately the guard named Bambang Adi was only slightly hurt.

Following this incident security has been tightened across Indonesia including at the country's busiest airports of Jakarta and Bali.