The Archipelago Culinary Festival 2016: A Fiesta of Traditional Indonesian Flavors


Presenting scrumptious flavors from across the Indonesian Archipelago, the Festival Pesona Kuliner Nusantara or the Archipelago Culinary Festival 2016 was officially opened on 14th April 2016 at the Mall Artha Gading, in Jakarta. Highlighting the theme “The Archipelago’s Culinary Attractions as part of the Country’s Cultural Richness”, the festival is ongoing from 14th to 16th April 2016.

The festival features some 65 booths representing culinary diversity from 24 provinces, 12 cities and regencies, as well as culinary communities, culinary schools, culinary associations, and various industries and businesses. No less than 49 types of food presentations from across the archipelago are offered representing each of the regions’ distinct and unique tastes. There is also a coffee booth that showcases Indonesia’s popular and exclusive coffee varieties, all with their own unique aroma and characteristics.

Among the  popular traditional culinary dishes are the world famous “Rendang” from West Sumatra, Yogyakarta’s popular Gudeg or jackfruit stew, Ketupat Kandangan from West Sumatra, Jakarta’s favorite snack“Kerak Telor”, “Rabeg Sapi” form Banten Province, and a whole lot more. There are also distinct traditional beverages that have their own unique taste such as Bir Pletok (Betawi’s Beer) and Bir Jawa (Javanese Beer) that despite their names are non-alcoholic, made from a concoction of warming herbs.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy for Domestic Tourism Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism, Mrs. Esthy Reko Astuti, Head of Jakarta’s Tourism Office, Catur Laswanto, and representatives from provinces, cities and districts. Mrs. Esthy Reko Astuti emphasized that featuring traditional food and culinary products that are specific to Indonesia’s many regions with their own unique characteristics, highlight the country’s diverse culinary richness.

As a nation with a diversity of cultures of the people, Indonesia has roughly over 5000 different types of traditional food and beverages. These precious cultural legacies are well preserved and can still be enjoyed in almost all parts of the country even with the widespread growth of more modern foods that are popular in the major cities. Therefore, the festival is not only a showcase of Indonesian diverse food and beverages but also plays an important part in efforts to preserve the culinary traditions of the archipelago.

Following the fiesta of flavors, held from 22nd April to 22 May 2016 not too far from Mall Artha Gading, the annual Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival will take place for a whole month. Combining Food and Fashion, JFF Festival will be highlighted with fashion shows, a night Carnival, and a whole range of mouthwatering culinary exhibitions.