Southeast Asian Globetrotters Invited to a Wonderful Indonesia journey


As a melting pot and a rainbow of cultures, ethnicities, traditions, and natural beauty, Indonesia has almost anything under the sun to meet any interest: delicious food, interesting people, gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, fantastic creatures, and the list can go on and on.

But it is no fun to just read about all the wonderful things you can find in Indonesia. For this reason the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia (MOT Indonesia) held the second round of Trip of Wonders 2016 – Southeast Asia. From 9 – 19 September 2016, MOT Indonesia invited social media influencers and bloggers from countries in Southeast Asia to come and get a first hand experience of the archipelago in a memorable 10-day vacation. The first round of Trip of Wonders 2016 was held from 22 July – 1 August 2016.

In this second trip, 30 bloggers and influencers were invited from Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, joining 10 influencers and bloggers from Indonesia. These were given the opportunity to satiate their wanderlust by visiting various tourist destinations, starting with Bandung, then Yogyakarta, Lombok, the Komodo National Park and finishing in Bali.

“This second round of Trip of Wonders 2016 – Southeast Asia is aimed to introduce the 'five wonders' as tourist attractions of Indonesia. These five wonders comprise natural wonders, cultural, sensory, modern and adventure wonders,” said Deputy of Overseas Tourism Development of MOT Indonesia, I Gde Pitana.

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If you want to know how the invited globetrotters managed to feed their wanderlust for an exciting escapade during their trip to Indonesia, just open your social media platform and search for #tripofwonders.