President Joko Widodo: Indonesia COVID-19 Positivity Rate Drops to 2,64 Percent

JAKARTA, 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 - Amidst the current pandemic situation, the Indonesian government keeps on putting its utmost effort in countering further spread of COVID-19 within the country. As a result, President Joko Widodo, or familiarly known as Jokowi, has brought good news regarding the sharply decreasing number of Bed Occupation Rate (BOR) in COVID-19 hospitals in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Jokowi also said that currently, the COVID-19 positivity rate in Indonesia has also dropped below the 5% safe limit of the World Health Organization (WHO). For information, the positivity rate is a comparison of the number of cases with COVID-19 tests. The lower the rate, the better COVID-19 situation is handled.

"The occupancy rate of the hospital bed dropped to 13.8% for the national hospital. For the Kemayoran Athlete Village, which used to be 92% is now down to 7%," Jokowi said in a speech at the UOB Economic Outlook 2022 on Wednesday (15/9). "As of 12th of September, 2021 our daily positivity rate is at 2.64%. It is much better than the world average, which is at 8.34%. The recovery rate was 94.03%, which is above the world average of 89.59%."

Meanwhile, regarding the COVID-19 vaccination program, Jokowi said that until now, the government still strives to further accelerate its implementation in order to immediately achieve herd immunity.

"Regarding vaccination, if calculated from the number of people who are vaccinated, we have reached 72.76 million people or 34.94% getting their first injection," Jokowi concluded. "We are determined to continue to increase vaccination, but we must still be vigilant, strictly implementing health protocol, and always wear a mask to go outside."