Pemuteran Bali, among Top 10 Best Destinations Asia


Lonely Planet’s  own travel writers recently selected the secluded Pemuteran area in the northwest corner of Bali among its recommended  “10 Best Destinations Asia”. These destinations offered “ a fresh twist for travellers”, wrote Lonely Planet.

On Pemuteran, Lonely Planet wrote the following : “Divers down there are gawping at one of Indonesia’s best coral walls. This undersea wonderland is the prime – but far from the only – reason to stay in Pemuteran, a double bay of beaches near Menjangan (which is part of Bali’s only national park)”.

Surrounded by terrace upon terrace of green ricefields, fronted by a clear blue sea and a backdrop of the mighty Ijen volcano on East Java, Pemuteran is an ideal secluded spot to get close to nature, away from the hectic world.

Pemuteran  and its neighboring island of Menjangan spell nature  conservation on land and in the sea. Through participation of local inhabitants, the village has also become famous for its ancient-looking underwater temple located at 29 meters depth. The temple was specially planted to become the habitat of newly grown corals and a wide variety of fish.  Today, divers can admire statues  grown over with corals, its temple garden filed with gorgonian fans, a large number of clownfish and parrotfish darting in the water, while at times  whale sharks, manta rays and whales pass these waters.  Pemuteran has received many accolades for its community-based and environmental management and awards for exemplary ecotourism activities.     

WThe Ten Best Destinations selected by Lonely Planet are : 1. Hokkaido, Japan; 2. Shanghai, China ; 3. Jeonju, South Korea; 4. Con Dao Islands, Vietnam; 5. Hong Kong, China; 6. Ipoh, Malaysia; 7. Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia; 8. Trang Island, Thailand; 9. Meghalaya, India; and 10. Taitung, Taiwan.

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