Majapahit Travel Fair 2016 in Surabaya


Located on the north coast of Java, Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city, and capital of the East Java province, the seat of the once mighty Mahapahit empire.

As a central business city and hub of eastern Indonesia, the government of East Java and the East Java Tourism Office will stage the 17th Majapahit Travel Fair 2016 on 13-16 April 2016 at Bumi Surabaya City Resort Hotel.

The Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF) is an international cultural and tourism event held annually to promote cultural and tourism attractions of East Java and to  provide business opportunities for the travel and tourism industry. The Fair aims to promote its historic sites, majestic mountains, white beaches, wide range of hotels, holiday and entertainment facilities to both domestic and international tour operators.   

Every year, the event facilitates hundreds of participants from both domestic and international buyers from Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe to meet sellers from East Java. The MTF is expected to enhance the contribution of the  tourism sector to regional development, create business opportunities, and develop the diverse events and tourist attractions in East Java.

Moreover, MTF also aims to increase the ability and become the training ground for tour operators in international marketing, promotion and negotiations; increase people's appreciation of the important role that tourism plays, and support the regional and national economy.

Last year, the number of participants  who joined the Table-Top Business Meeting grew significantly. And this year, the committee promises that this event will be the most beneficial and achieves great success.

As post conference tour the event offers participants  two options : the Bromo-Gubugklakah Midnite Tour or a Golf Full Day Tour.

For further information and registration, visit Majapahit Travel Fair.