King Salman of Saudi Arabia and entourage to Stay for Holiday in Bali


On 1st March 2017, King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will touch down in Jakarta on an official state visit to the Republic of Indonesia. His Majesty will be welcomed personally by President Joko Widodo at the airport, returning the courtesy extended to President Widodo himself during his last visit to Saudi Arabia.

The State visit in Jakarta will last three days, after which, King Salman and his complete entourage of over 1,300 persons will fly to Bali to spend six days on this fabulous tropical island. The welcoming green and fertile nature of this Indonesian island, the charm and smiling warmth of the people of Bali and their artistic creative culture are known to be second to none.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia  and entourage to Stay for Holiday in Bali


Head of the Presidential Media and Press Information Bureau, Bey Machmudin told the press : “When President Joko Widodo last visited Saudi Arabia, King Salman personally welcomed the president at the airport, therefore, we plan to do so also in return.” “This shows the close relationship that exists between the two leaders as well as between both Saudi Arabia and Indonesia,” said Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Anung.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, AM Fachri, further added that among the Saudi King’s entourage will be 10 ministers and 25 princes. On his part, Minister for Tourism, Arief Yahya expressed his joy, welcoming the King to the splendors of the Indonesian Archipelago. Adding that, the fact that the Saudi King has chosen to holiday in Bali will definitely boost the popularity and image of the island, and Indonesia in general. We must know that King Salman is a very influential world figure. “Welcome to Bali, Your Majesty, we hope you will enjoy Wonderful Indonesia,” said Minister Arief Yahya.

Aside from taking a vacation, King Salman is said to be ready to place substantial investments in Indonesia’s Tourism sector. According to Minister Arief Yahya, the island of Mandeh in West Sumatra Province, besides Belitung Island in the Bangka Belitung Province , are among priority destinations targeted by Saudi investors. “Mandeh in West Sumatra is a beautiful destination projected to be developed for halal tourism next to the already better known Lombok and Aceh” said Minister Arief Yahya.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia  and entourage to Stay for Holiday in Bali
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According to Tourism Minister Yahya, the number of tourists from the Middle East is currently rising from the average of 150,000 to 200,000 per year. There are around 100 million outbound tourists from the Middle East.

With the visit of King Salman and together with his entourage stay for a holiday in Indonesia, this will certainly impact on tourist arrivals to Indonesia from that region. Furthermore, Tourists from Saudi Arabia are known for their substantial spending habits when on holiday. Data from the Ministry of Tourism reveal that, Saudi Arabian tourists usually spend up to USD 1,800 per stay while the world’s average, according to UNWTO is, at USD1, 200. The average length of stay of tourists from Saudi Arabia is also known to be among the longest.

Welcome to Bali Your Majesty King Salman and entourage! A warm welcome to Indonesia.


Image Source: setkab.go.id