Indonesia’s Natural and Cultural Tropical Wonders Highlight the Streets of Berlin

Simultaneous with the holding of the prestigious ITB  travel and tourism industry Bourse in Berlin, -   the  yearly global travel industry gathering and promotion in  Germany’s  capital city, -  Indonesia has decided to brighten up  the city  with clearly visible photographs of iconic, warm tropical attractions of this islands-paradise. 

Deputy Director for International Marketing Communication of the Ministry of Tourism, Agustini Rahayu revealed that for two months, from 7th March to25 April 2016, trams in Berlin plying the AB/ABC zones  in Central Berlin will be decorated with  Wonderful Indonesia  photographs . The routes pass the city’s busiest areas and tourist attractions. Trams number M6 and M4 , for example , pass the Alexanderplatz right in the heart of Berlin as well as the Hackeser Markt.

Images portrayed include those of the magnificent Borobudur Buddhist temple on Java, dramatic dancers from Bali, the prehistoric Komodo dragon near Flores island,  stretches of  beautiful  white-sand beaches on Belitung island in Sumatra and  many more exciting destinations and activities to be found across Indonesia.

Other trams decorated with the Wonderful  Indonesia images are those with registration numbers  1033, 1068, 1092, 1070, 1503, 1575, 1520, 4007, 4008, 4010, 8014, 8015, 8016, 8017, and 8018.  Additional images can also be enjoyed along the 1011-1 and 1011-4 subway lines.

Berlin has about 353 trams that transport 181.1 million passengers per year,  making an average  of 513,031 passengers per tram. The Wonderful Indonesia campaign which will run from March to April, therefore, is expected to reach a total 1.28  million passengers.  Whilst with the ongoing  ITB  (Internationale Tourismus Bourse) currently running from 9th to 13th March,  the  Wonderful Indonesia campaign on trams and subways  will also attract the thousands of delegates from 188 participating countries  attending the event.

“I am really proud to see the trams in Berlin splashed with images of Indonesia’s most appealing natural and cultural icons ” said Lina Berlina, an Indonesian fashion designer who currently works in Berlin, reported  antaranews.com.

Source: antaranews.com