Indonesia Co-Highlights 8th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloons Fiesta 2016


As presenting sponsor, Indonesia will co-highlight the 8th Putrajaya International Hot Air Blaloons Fiesta (PIHABF) 2016 , scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th March 2016 at the Alaf Baru Monument, Precinct 2, Putrajaya, in Malaysia.

Under the brand name Wonderful Indonesia the country's participation in this event is aimed to boost promotion and attract more visitors from Malaysia to Indonesia's diverse destinations also through increased attendance at this successful event.

In joint effort between the Ministry of Tourism and the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, Indonesia will carry the theme : Pop of Paradise reflecting the country’s vibrant pop culture.

For three consecutive days, the Indonesian Pavilion will feature a number of exciting “pop” attractions brought by Indonesia's popular singers, with cultural performances, Leisure pop games and activities (cosplay, cinema, interactive digital photo exhibition, wall coloring, and more.). There will also be talk shows and workshops and a mouth-watering culinary bazaar.

Among Indonesian artists popular in Malaysia who will surely rave the crowds are : the Rn’B group, Soul ID; winner of Indonesian Idol, Ihsan Tarore; Dj Deena; Saman Merah Putih Club of Limkowing University; Kuda Lumping – Turonggo Yakso Sekar Wangi; Malang Fashion Carnival; and Lia Atmadja. A talk show and workshop on animation will feature Aditya, animator and founder of renowned animation school Hellomotion. There will also be a Wonderful Indonesia virtual reality game.

The Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion itself will take on the concept of a Rumah Gadang, the the distinct traditional house of the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra. The concept was chosen since the Minangkabu culture has close links with many Malaysians. In a number of literary works, it is said that many decades ago (starting from 1300’s) Minangkabau groups migrated to the Malacca Peninsula (present day Malaysia). Most of these migrants stayed in Negeri Sembilan, Johor Baru, and other areas. They brought with them heir culture, traditions, customs, arts and cuisine. And as time went by, these traits were passed down the generations and contributed to the present Malaysian culture.

Last year, PIHABF successfully attracted more than 300,000 visitors featuring diverse hot air balloons, including the popular in the internet “Darth Vader” Balloon. This year, there will be over 20 hot air balloons in many shapes and color to brighten the sky of Putrajaya.

Aside from balloons from Malaysia and Indonesia, there will also be those from 11 other participating countries including The Philippines, South Korea, USA, Australia, and Belgium.

The pinnacle of this spectacular fiesta will be the “Night Glow”, which provides to visitors the opportunity to watch Hot Air Balloons light up at night when their pilots ignite their burners and transform the launch area into psychedelic giant light bulbs in the sky, all synchronized to the sound of music and topped off with a spectacular fireworks finale.

For more Information on the Putrajaya International Hot Air Baloon Fiesta, log on to: http://myballoonfiesta.com/