Indonesia appoints Wonderful Indonesia Representative for France


The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Indonesian  Embassy for France recently appointed the Indonesia Tourism Representative in Paris to further attract more tourists from France to visit Indonesia’s many amazing destinations and activities.

Eka Moncarre,  who is the Indonesian Tourism Representative, commented that after years of waiting, Indonesia ,the largest archipelagic country in the world has at last assigned its representative office in France.” For the past years, information on Indonesian tourism in France was represented by Gael De La Porte Du Theil (a tourism interface)” added Eka Moncarre as reported  by antaranews.com.

The Indonesia Tourism Representative office is located in district 5, in the heart of Paris near the popular tourist icon,  the Pantheon. The Office is open to the public from Monday to Friday and provides information regarding Indonesian tourism including flights, art and cultural attractions and activities, a large selection of destinations, accommodation, and a whole lot more. Eka Moncarre, who has more than 20 years experience in tourism leads the Indonesia Tourism  Representative Office.

Eka explained that the main goal for opening the office is to raise awareness of the French public to travel to Indonesia and to provide adequate information to arrange trips to Indonesia. Moreover, the office will also provide practical assistance to the tourist5 industry in France including travel agents, tour operators, airlines associations, as well as journalists to further promote the wonders of Indonesia and ultimately put Indonesia as a favorite destination for tourists from France.

Source: kompas.com, antarnews.com