In January 2016 Foreign Visitors Arrivals to Indonesia increased 3.6%


The Indonesian National Bureau of Statistics, BPS,  on its website announced that total Foreign Visitors to Indonesia during the month of January 2016 increased 3.6% to 814,303 arrivals.

This number comprises 740,570 in the category of “tourists” as categorized by Immigration  Authorities (increasing 2.19% compared to January 2015), plus 35,741 arrivals who made overland border crossings, (up 2.53%) and 37,992 arrivals on Short Stay Visas valid for less than one year (up 43.82%), reported Bisnis Indonesia.  

If formerly the National Statistics Bureau included in its Foreign Visitors statistics only those who Immigration Authorities recorded as in the category of  “tourists”, starting from 2015 , the Statistics Bureau now  also includes  as “Foreign Visitors Arrivals” overland border crossers, -  majority of whom crossed the border between Indonesian Kalimantan and Malaysian Borneo; and also the border between Timor Leste and Indonesian Timor in East Nusatenggara – as well as those possessing short stay visas for over one year.

In 2016 Indonesia aims to welcome 12 million Foreign Visitors, up from the 10.4 million in 2015.