How to Verify COVID-19 Vaccination Status for Foreign Nationals

Indonesia has been extensively preparing for a tourism recovery in the near future. The government has been putting utmost effort towards three important things: acceleration of COVID-19 vaccination program, Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certification to businesses in the tourism and creative economy sectors, and also strict implementation of health protocols. Before you plan to visit Indonesia, make sure you learn about all the requirements to enter the country, including verifying your COVID-19 vaccination data.


It’s important to note that the requirements of COVID-19 vaccination data verification applies not only to Indonesian citizens who got their vaccine outside of Indonesia, but also to foreign nationals as well. To complete these requirements, you need to follow the steps such as:

●       Visit the Official Website of the Ministry of Health for the Non-Indonesia Vaccination Verification and register by submitting your data.

●       The verification will then be processed by:

          ○       The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (for the Indonesian citizens receiving vaccination outside of the country)

          ○       The respective Embassy (for the foreign nationals)

●       The verification result will be sent via email

●       Download and install PeduliLindungi mobile app from Google Play Store  (Android) or App Store (iOS) and then complete the following steps:

          ○       Fill out account information to activate your COVID-19 vaccination status

          ○       Obtain COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Card by  visiting http://pedulilindungi.id

          ○       Choose “Check Certification” menu and fill out the form

●       You have completed the COVID-19 vaccination status verification. You may now use the data to get verified when entering the border and also some public places in Indonesia through the PeduliLindungi mobile app on your phone.

Please note that you also need to learn about current travel restrictions and also types of visa that are currently available in Indonesia in case you are planning to travel sooner. We hope that this information can give you a better understanding before your visit. In the meantime, we kindly encourage you to stay safe and stay healthy by practicing healthy habits such as avoiding crowds, wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing.