Get ready to join Exciting Events in Manado 2017


Boosted by the surge in international tourists this year especially coming from China, the lovely coastal city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi,  has prepared a plethora of exciting events throughout next year,  from weekly happenings to  special monthly events.

The Manado  Calendar of Events  2017  was recently officially launched at the Sapta Pesona Building (The Ministry of Tourism’s Office) in Jakarta on 21st November 2016 featuring  the whole range of fascinating attractions and happenings  in Manado and in North Sulawesi Province next year.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya expressed his appreciation and support for the launch of the Manado Calendar of Events 2017 and is confident that it will further boost arrivals from more tourist markets to Manado and to Indonesia in general. Manado has for a long time been promoted internationally,  and is best known for its fabulous Bunaken underwater world which is recognized as one of the world’s  best dive destination. “Bunaken is a world class marine destination which possesses a truly a high value.  For this reason,  the Tourism Ministry  continues to promote this destination, most particularly in China which has become Indonesia’s primary  tourist market” said Minister Arief Yahya.

At the moment, international flights from 9 cities fly to Manado: 1 from Singapore, and 8 from China namely : Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanchang, Changsha, Macau and Hong Kong.

So that tourists may be able to watch at least one event during their stay in Manado and North Sulawesi whatever time of the year, the city has also prepared regular weekend shows.

Each Saturday, there will be the gaily decorated Bendi – traditional horse-drawn carriages – parade along the Boulevard, as well as the Folk Entertainment Stage at Taman Kesatuan Bangsa starting at 5.0 pm to midnight.  

While highlights of monthly events that will take place in Manado in 2017 include the following:

1. Figura Manado, 29th January 2017, at Megamas Area Manado.

This is a parade that held is annually featuring a number of art performances.

2. Tulude, 30th-31stJanuary 2017, in the Bay of Manado.

A traditional ceremony of the people of Sangihe-Talaud -  the northern-most islands of Sulawesi -  to celebrate the New Year and to repel misfortune.

3. Cap Go Meh Festival, 12th February 2017, Chinatown Manado.

A traditional festival of the Chinese community in Manado celebrating the 15th day and the pinnacle of Chinese New Year.

4. Selendang Biru Traditional Dance Performance, 24th-25th March 2017, St Theresia Malalayang Church Manado.

These are traditional dances performed by the Catholics Women’s group  wearing blue shawls, and accompanied by distinct Minahasa songs and music

5. Ogoh-ogoh Festival, 27th March 2017, Sparta Tikala Field Manado.

This  festival  is held by the Hindu community in North Sulawesi following Hindu Balinese tradition which takes place on the eve of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year. The event follows the one in Bali featuring large puppets known as Ogoh-ogoh. The parade is held on the eve of  the sacred Nyepi when on New Year’s Day all are required to meditate.  

6. Manado Easter Show, 10th-16th April 2017, All over Manado.

Celebrating Easter, the city of Manado will be decorated with Easter lights, lanterns, and other decorations. There will also be an Easter Carnival and a Spiritual Music Concert.

7. Manado Cantate International Choir Festival 2017, 15th-20th May 2017, GKIC Manado.

8. Manado Investment Forum, 25th to 27th May 2017, at the Peninsula Hotel Manado.

9. Ramadhan Festival, 26th May – 8th July 2017, Manado.

Taking place during the month of Ramadhan and the Eid Celebrations, the festival will feature Hafiz and Calligraphy Competitions, Ramadhan Torches Parade, ‘Takbiran’ Festival, Sahur Music, Hadrah, Qasidah, and much more.

10. Manado Anniversary Celebrations, 14th July 2017, at the  Soekarno Bridge Manado.

11. Indonesia’s Independence Day Festival, 14th-18th August 2017, Manado

Featuring various competitions and folk games such as boat competition, boat tug-o-war, Baku Dungu, Baku Angka Banting, Photography Competitions, Grand Parade, and  much more.

12. Bantik Cultural Performance, 5th September 2017, Bantik Field Malalayang Manado

A fascinating performance of the Bantik subethnic group featuring traditional dances which also involve supernatural powers where performers are in trance and become invulnerable to sharp weapons. 

13. Manado Fantastic 2017, 1st-10th September 2017, Manado City

A series of festivals to take place in several places in the city consisting of: FISCO “FISH and Coral” (Manado Under The Sea Carnival); Fashion (Manado Fashion Week), Food (Manado Culinary Fiesta), Flying (Paragliding, Paramotoring, and Parachuting); Fun-Music (Manado Jazz by The Sea); Fair (Manado Fair 2017); and Faith (Manado Thanksgiving).

14. Borgo Traditional Art and Culture Show, 14th October 2017, at Megamas Area Manado

Featuring the unique art and cultural attractions of the Borgo subethnic group of Minahasa.

15. Manado International Hasher Trail Run, 18th to 22nd October 2017, along Mount Tumpa, Manado.

16. Miss Scuba International Beauty Pageant, 25th November 2017, at Manado Convention Center.

17. Manado Christmas Lights On, 1st – 31st December 2017, Manado City.

Welcoming Christmas, the major streets of Manado will be gaily decorated with Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations over the whole city. 

18. Christmas Great Sale, 1st -31st December 2017, at Malls and Shopping Centers in Manado.

19. Santa Claus is Coming to Town, 16th December 2017, Boulevard Area Manado.

A unique parade of Santa Claus accompanied by Marching Band parading down the Boulevard.

20. Christmas Choir Festival, 23th-24th December 2017, GKIC Manado.

21. Pisang Taong, 31st December 2017, at  Megamas Area Manado.

Celebrating the end of the year  and welcoming the New Year with lots of festivities, firework and partying.