Deep and Extreme Indonesia 2016: Adventure Travel

Brace yourself! Combining Adventure on land and in the ocean, the largest annual diving, adventure travel and water sports exhibition in Indonesia is back this year with Deep and Extreme Indonesia 2016, which will be staged again on 31stMarch – 3rd April 2016 at the Jakarta International Exhibition CenterJakarta.

Marking the 10th edition of Deep Indonesia, this year the event will honor the long-loyal participation of Indonesia’s regencies throughout the country. Since the first DEEP Indonesia in 2007, many diving destinations in several regencies across the Archipelago have made tremendous progress in facilities to provide better experience for divers and marine tourism enthusiasts who are the main market of the exhibition. Carrying the special theme “Toward the Regencies’ Potentials”, this year the event is aimed to attract more dive, adventure and marine tourism markets and develop the destinations' capacity to grow into one of the world’s best adventure, dive and marine tourism destinations.

This special event is the one stop opportunity to find and discuss everything and anything on what Indonesia has to offer in amazing Dives around the Archipelago as well as in Extreme Adventures and Sports that will be available for individuals and  groups. There will also be ample opportunity for buyers to discuss arrangements with  participating operators and equioment sellers.

Combining two exhibitions in one continuous event, the Deep and Extreme Indonesia is a perfect elaboration of Indonesia’s most prominent show featuring the fast emerging business in adventure, sports tourism, marine and ecotourism. It is moreover considered an essential agenda to attend for all related key-players in the region especially in Asia and the Pacific Area.

This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about Indonesia’s extraordinary diving and marine wonders as found in Bali,Raja AmpatWakatobiBunakenFloresthe Derawan Islandsthe Anambas in the Riau Islands, and a host more. Adventure travel into National Parks is another main feature. Meet up close with Orangutans at the Tanjung Puting National Park, watch Komodo dragons in their natural habitat,  climb up Mt. Kelimutu to see the fascinating three-colored lakes, travel deep into fascinating caves on Java,  or watch in awe the first rays of the sun climb over the surreal landscape of Mt. Bromo in East Java.

DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2016 exhibition will occupy an exhibition space of 3,000 sq. meter of the Cendrawasih Hall in the Jakarta Convention Center and expects to host more than 150 exhibiting companies offering dive and adventure equipment, tourist destinations, and a whole range of  supporting companies. This year, the show targets 20,000 visitors to attend the four-day event.

Alongside the massive exhibition featuring a gamut of destinations, tour operators, dive equipment, various extreme sport gears and accessories, and a whole lot of others services, the Deep and Extreme Indonesia will also highlight  a number of supporting programs including, conference/seminar sessions, talk shows, and exciting  competitions.

Conference/seminar sessions have always been one of the most awaited programs in the DEEP&EXTREME Indonesia show. They feature discussions on the important pressing issues in the travel and tourism industry particularly in connection with marine and the eco-tourism sector. Other topics in the seminar or conference programs include in-depth discussions on the latest developments in the diving industry, eco-tourism, environmental issues, etc. The talk shows will feature some of the world’s renowned individuals who will share their experiences and expertise.. During the four-day show, talk shows will feature renowned specialists on above and underwater photography, outdoor adventure gurus, environment specialists, book authors, artists and celebrities, allowing all to meet some of their idols and mentors.

Since the first DEEP Indonesia that was held in 2007, the show has represented all underwater and ocean related activities in Indonesia, showcasing diving, adventure travel and water sports industries. At the 3rd DEEP Indonesia in 2009, the first EXTREME Indonesia was introduced and was held concurrently with the DEEP Indonesia show to extend and combine the market demand for adventure travel . It was designed in particular to cater to the industry as well as to communities that are into outdoor adventure activities, travel and extreme sports. Over time, EXTREME Indonesia has firmly been associated with eco-based tourism.

More information is available at: www.deepandextremeindonesia.com