8 FAQs You Need To Know About Indonesia Today


1 | Are Indonesia’s borders still closed?

Yes, due to safety reasons, Indonesia’s borders are currently closed and limited access is allowed for specific travel purposes to authorized personnel only. The latest updates on the current situation are made available to the public.  We will put our best efforts to inform the latest updates regarding this matter on our website and social media channels.


2 | What measures are being taken to safely reopen the cities?

Currently, the government and tourism industry are working hand-in-hand to implement hygiene and safety protocols to safeguard visitors. Health facilities are making their best efforts to care for the affected individuals, while social media educational channels while various informative sources are constantly reminding citizens of the importance of physical distancing and personal hygiene to help minimize contagion. Large-scale social restrictions and limitations are still being implemented in several regions with high numbers of COVID-19 cases.


3 | Is there any certain date set for resuming international flight operations?

Currently, there is no official government press release issued regarding this issue, so please stay tuned for recent updates on our social media and website.


4 | Can travelers book hotels for the year-end holidays?

Yes, but please check with your airlines and booking destinations for their individual rules and regulations. Please make sure that they have done everything to provide you with safety and comfort before you secure the date for your next visit. In these uncertain times, please be absolutely sure of the risks involved and prepare yourself by gaining all necessary valid information before traveling anywhere.


5 | Which region has been affected the most by COVID-19 in Indonesia?

Currently ( as of 29 May 2020, 13:02 WIB), Jakarta has recorded the most cases of COVID-19, followed by East Java, West Java, South Sulawesi and Central Java  ( source: https://covid19.go.id/peta-sebaran )


6 | Are tourist spots still closed?

Yes, several tourist spots remain closed until further notice.


7 | How are Bali and other favorite destinations?

Limitations on social activities continue in Bali, but owing to its successful efforts in containing the COVID-19 outbreak, the local government of Bali is planning to ease restrictions slowly and safely with new protocols. Other favorite tourist destinations are currently taking strategic measures to reach the level of preparedness required to reopen their regions soon.


8 | I miss Indonesia; what can I do?

We miss you, too. But until we can safely welcome you back, we do have a lot of ideas on how you can reminisce about good times through inspiring virtual tours, cinematic videos, craft projects, and delicious Indonesian food recipes to keep your travel dreams alive!