Toraja Ultra Scenic Run

The most scenic Toraja highlands in South Sulawesi Province, where fascinating natural splendor meets captivating traditional culture,  will be the site of another exciting running event: the Toraja Ultra Scenic Run, scheduled to take place from 30th September to 2nd October 2016.

Toraja Ultra Scenic Run

At the inaugural edition of this first ever International Ultra-running event in this destination,  the competition will be divided into 5 categories which are: 27K, 50K, 78K, 102K and 165K.

The route will take participating runners from the main street of Rantepao in the North Toraja Regency through rural villages, passing stretches of green rice paddies, rows of Toraja’s iconic Tongkonan traditional houses, then ascending to hills with dramatic sceneries, lush coffee plantations, also passing some of Toraja’s impressive traditional graves atop steep cliffs. Adding to the enchantingly scenic route, the race will be flagged off from the iconic Toraja Misiliana Hotel.

To highlight the race, the organizing committee will also hold a photographic competition open to the public and race participants. The Toraja Ultra Competition invites everyone to shoot pictures of the amazing scenery in Toraja, whether they are the unique natural landscapes, fascinating culture and traditions of its people, or other splendors of the highland. Whereas, the Toraja Ultra Scenic Run Photo Competition is open only for participating runners which photos they can submit during the event. All photos must be posted on Instagram with hashtag #TorajaUltra#TorajaUltraScenicRun.

Secluded beyond lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs, decorated by swathes of green rice paddies, and,  guarded by myths and well preserved ancient traditions, the Toraja Highland is truly a land blessed with breathtaking beauty. Beyond any doubt, what makes Toraja unique is its fascinating burial sites and the unique elaborate funeral ceremonies. Aside from the already more wellknown sites such as Londa, Lemo, and the traditional village of Kete’Kesu, there are still a lot of other sites throughout the highlands including at Lo’ko Ma’ta,- considered to be the largest granite boulder burial site, - the cave of Tampang Allo, and at the Kalimbuang Bori’ Village.

However, the splendor of Toraja is not only found around burial sites and funeral ceremonies. These highlands also offer spectacular natural panorama as well as inspiring serene ambience. Amidst the high mountains and rocky cliffs, green rice paddies stretch beautifully across the land. Up on the hill of Batutumonga, one can look down on these amazing picturesque scenes while breathing in the refreshing cool highland air. For those who wish to experience the sheer sensation of walking down rice paddies, there are a number of trekking routes available. One of these is located just below the Loko’ Mata burial sites and will take trekkers on a magnificent journey over the vast rice fields. In the village of Sa’dan Barana, you can discover one of Toraja’s most fascinating traditional arts in the form of hand-woven “tenun” fabric.

For more information and registration, log on to: http://torajaultrascenicrun.com/

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