Lampu Cangkok Ramadhan 1437H Festival on Bintan


In celebration of the holy month of Ramadhan and approaching Iedul Fitri, - denoting the successful completion of the fasting month, -the island of Bintan in the Riau Islands province will be lit up with the Lampu Cangkok Ramadhan 1437H Festival from the 1st to the 6th of July 2016.


Inspired by the near disappearing Malay tradition of Lampu Cangkok Ramadhan, the Regent of Bintan, Bupati H.Apri Sujadi expressed the wish to revive and preserve this long Malay tradition.


In the Riau islands, during the fasting month people used to light up the village with beautifully carved cut-outs of miniature mosques that are lit from behind by kerosene torches.  These miniature mosques are normally very artistically cut out from used tin cans, which are then placed at strategic locations in every village to light up the way for villagers to walk to communal evening prayers after breaking the fast.  These lights enhance the atmosphere of peace, serenity, harmony and togetherness over the island.


This year all 9 sub-districts on the island will be participating and a competition held. A jury under leadership of the Head of Bintan Culture and Tourism Office, Luki Zaiman Prawira, will select the winner.


Do make it a point to visit Bintan during these auspicious evenings and see the island from another angle: the traditional and religious aspect of the population, next to Bintan’s  better known spectacular beaches and  competitive sports activities.    


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