Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair Shanghai 2018


Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair Shanghai 2018 is held at Crystal Galleria (No. 68 Yu Yuan Road, Jing An District Shanghai) from August 31 until September 2, 2018. Garuda Indonesia offers the best deal for you to have a delighted holiday in the exquisite gems of Indonesia.

You can find the best price of return tickets and a direct flight from Shanghai to eight of magnificent parts of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Jogja, Surabaya, Sorong (Raja Ampat, Makasar), and Manado. Therefore, you can enjoy your flight to your dream destination comfortably and effortlessly in less budget. Get return tickets from Shanghai to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, only for CNY 2,620* or to Surabaya, the biggest city in East Java, just for CNY 3080*.

Then, if you want to fly directly from Shanghai to a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and underwater life, Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, or Manado will be the right destination for the sea lovers. Grab your tickets from Shanghai to Bali (return) only for CNY 2,700* or to Lombok (return) only for CNY 3,080*. Moreover, you can fly to the incredible of the eastern part of Indonesia seas and have the best diving experience in Raja Ampat or Manado only for  CNY 3,350*.    

Garuda Indonesia is also letting you experience the cultural diversity of Indonesia. Get your affordable tickets from Shanghai to Jogjakarta only for CNY 3,080* to witness Javanese beautiful culture in the Sultanate of Jogjakarta. Or, you can also head to Makasar to see Torajan people’s special burial ceremony by spending just CNY 3,350*. 

Garuda Indonesia does not only make your vacation affordable tickets but also makes your trip easier by offering interesting tour packages from Garuda Indonesia Holiday**. Therefore, you do not need to plan the trip, just focus to enjoy your holiday in Indonesia. Spend your holiday in the beautiful beaches and seas by joining the 3D2N  tour to Lombok for CNY 1,108,  3D2N vacation in Belitung for CNY 1,748, unforgettable 5D4N in Bali only for CNY 2,190, enjoyable 4D3N adventure in Manado for CNY 2,208, or 4D3N of pleasure in Raja Ampat for just CNY 4,678.

Refresh your mind with and scenic view of Mount Bromo. Spend your 3D2N in Malang, a cool city near Mount Bromo for CNY 2,650. Enjoy Jogjakarta or Makasar (Toraja) which has an interesting culture and traditional ceremony for 3D2N.

Garuda Indonesia Holiday will take you to see the Javanese culture, that is an inheritance of Jogjakarta Royal Family, and beautiful sites only for CNY 2,025. You can also see the uniqueness of Toraja people’s daily life and traditional burial ceremony which is unusual yet mesmerizing. Get the authentic experience and be the eyewitness of Toraja culture which has been dwelling in South Celebes for centuries by joining Garuda Indonesia Holiday in Makasar for CNY 2048.

To attain the delightful holiday, book your tickets and tour package in  Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair Shanghai 2018 and enjoy 0% installment up to 6 Months from Bank of China. You can also get an additional 3 times bonus mileage of GarudaMiles for enrollment and discount redemption GarudaMiles (50% for Economy Class and 30% for Business Class).

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* net fare. Terms & conditions apply
** exclude GA airline tickets, Terms and condition apply (based on a number of pax, type of hotels, etc.


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