Divers Gathering 10th Year Anniversary in Tulamben, Bali


Commemorating its 10th year anniversary, Forum Selam divers community invites scuba divers and diving enthusiasts from around the world to take part in a special fiesta of Divers Gathering 10th Year Anniversary scheduled to take place from 25th to 28th August 2016 at the beautiful Tulamben Beach, in the regency of Karangasem, along the east coast of Bali Island.


Divers Gathering 10th Year Anniversary in Tulamben, Bali


A major dive attraction at Tulamben is the wreck of of USAT Liberty that sank here after being hit by the Japanese in 1942. Located only some 25 from shore the wreck is at a 5m to 30 meters depth.  Besides a playground for professional divers, Tulamben is also good for beginners.


The special gathering will bring together divers, diving agencies and dive operators in a warm and friendly ambience celebrating the ever growing diving activities in the archipelago. The event will feature a gamut of diving activities, music performances, various fun games, diving education, workshop and bazaar.


Divers can participate in various different courses such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Dive Safety, etc. aimed to enrich your diving comprehension and capabilities. There will also be diving education and diver talk on nature and maritime conservation. You also can have a chance to take your diving to the next level through Advanced Open Water. For non-divers, there are opportunities to experience scuba diving, be it free Try Scuba or Discover Scuba Diving, or even Open Water Diving certification program with a very special price.


Supported by the Ministry of Tourism, the event is initiated and organized by Forumselam.com, a non-profit organization that facilitates communication amongst divers in Indonesia.Offline, Forum Selamis known to present a number of new concepts in scuba diving related activities.


In this connection, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya commented that the event is in perfect line with development of marine tourism which  is continuously gaining popularity worldwide. “This is a good trend for marine tourism; whether it be coastal zone, water zone, or sea zone. This is a perfect event to strengthen communication and network among divers” said Minister Arief Yahya. Furthermore, the Minister added: “In past years, tourists just wanted to see beautiful beaches. However, today they love the challenges to discover amazing underwater splendors. And Indonesia certainly has the best underwater wonders in the world”.

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