Bromo Marathon 2016 across East Java’s Stunning Mountain Scenery


Combining spectacular mountain scenery with challenging tracks, on 4th September 2016 the Bromo Marathon 2016 will again take runners on a magnificent journey to the breathtaking beauty of Mount Bromo in East Java.


The event features three categories of competition, including: the Full-marathon distance (42.195 km), the Half marathon distance (21.0975 km), and  the 10 kilometer run. The start and finish line for the event will be drawn in the Village of Tosari - in the heart of the Tenggerese culture on the slopes of Mt. Bromo. Here Hindu descendants from Java's  once powerful Majapahit rulers have retained both their religion and their culture.


Scheduled to take place in arguably one of the most dramatic settings on earth, the event will take competing runners through villages around the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and along the edge of the Tengger caldera. The course also provides a diversity of terrain with half the route over paved road, and half over dirt track. Incorporating several hills throughout the run, elevations vary from 1,400m to 2,400m.


Departing from the starting point in Tosari, runners will begin the first stretch of the race through asphalt road until they reach Jetak-Sunogiri. From there, the track turns into steep ascending mountainous dirt road that leads to the village of Banyumeneng. Proceeding to the village of Ngadiwono, they will re-enter the paved road on mountain slopes that offers the stunning views surrounding Mount Bromo all the way to Mojorejo, before entering Mojorejo Ngawu.


From MojorejoNgawu the course climbs a winding path on dirt trails leading to the caldera rim overlooking the memorable moonscape of the volcanic park. Continuing along the edges to Dinglik Viewpoint, runners will then make their way down the paved roads winding along the hillside to Wonokitri, before finally returning to Tosari Village to complete the total marathon distance of 42.195 km.


Last year, the event successfully drew participation of 1,534 runners from 31 countries and was  acknowledged as one of the best running events in Asia. This year, the number is expected to grow since improvements have continuously been made to the event.


More than just a race, the Bromo Marathon is a total community effort for the advancement of education in rural Indonesia’s Tengger region.  The Bromo Marathon works alongside various community members to establish an event which aims to improve the education, health, and economic prosperity throughout the many low-income, low resource communities who inhabit the region.


For more information log on to: https://bromomarathon.com/

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